Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sock Vomit

I am in a hell of sorts. One of my own creation. It all started this fall when I decided to start knitting socks again. I was off to a great start when I made this pair with Kaffe Fassett's Landscape Fire. If you are one of those people who click on photos for a closer look, you'll notice that they are a little ratty. Yes, I dug them out of the laundry hamper to take the photograph (say Yuk if you want to). I've also worn (and washed) them about 15 times since I finished them.

The day my mom was in surgery, I started another pair using some Cherry Tree glitter sock yarn that she bought me for Christmas last year. I can't remember the color and am too lazy to look for the label. One of these days I'll update my Gallery, and post all the specifics.

A close up showing off the glittery goodness.

A week before Christmas, I was working on another pair for myself, complaining that I found the colors a little boring, when Mr. S remarked that he would really like another pair for himself. Well, being the crazy person that I am, I really thought that I could knit him a pair by Christmas. You can laugh. Of COURSE it was impossible. Not only because I used size 1 needles and worked with 72 stitches, but also because his feet are MUCH larger than mine. At least I finished one of them. Last week.

Since it was too late to finish them in time for Christmas (Maybe Valentine's Day?), I went back to the "boring" sock I'd been knitting. The yarn is Kaffe Fassett's Landscape Fog. I am in love with this yarn. I just finished this last night - nearly finished, still need to kitchener the toe and weave in the ends.

It wouldn't have taken so long if I hadn't messed up the heel twice. I decided to try a honeycomb heel flap from Sensational Knitted Socks. It isn't as pronounced as I thought it would be, but I like the results well enough to try it again. By the way, I don't think it's boring anymore.

With 2 single socks under my wing, I thought I should finish up at least one of the pair I started last year....

Completely ignoring, for the time being, the sock I cast on last weekend. Using some NEW sock yarn!

Which finally brings me to the label of this post (I bet you've been wondering). The yarn is Noro's Sock Yarn. I bought it for the color, despite the fact that it feels pretty gnarly on the skein. It knits up like the Kureyon, but in a tinier gauge. By that I meant that some sections are as thin as thread, while others are poufy. I have also pulled out a tiny twig (how completely Noro. At least they are predictable). Being a single ply yarn, I've worried at times that it would break, but I tested it by ripping off a piece of the cast-on tail, and the 20% nylon made it strong enough to withstand quite a bit of pressure before breaking.

The post label. I'm getting there..

Here's the lesson I wish to impart: No matter how much a skein tempts you to center pull, DON'T DO IT! Resist! This skein came with a cute little tail peeking from the center. It was so neat and tidy that I ignored all of my experience and pulled. At first it worked, but by the time I'd already knit 3 rows, there was resistance. I gently tugged and pulled and out popped


What you see here is the second and third hurl. I gave up after that and decided to finish some other socks first.

Which is why I am in sock hell. I want to knit some SWEATERS for a change!! I just bought Beryl and the Tree Jacket. Any bets on how long it will take me to abandon the socks all together?


Lisa said...

Wow you have all sorts of sock action there! Surprisingly enough the Noro sock yarn doesn't tempt me at all. I guess I am hearing too much about the thick and thin and the scratchiness. Good luck finishing them. That's hard when you're really not in love with the yarn.

Knitting Diva said...

You certainly have some lovely socks finished and I love both sweater selections (can't wait to see your progress)! I have read many negative things about the new Noro sock yarn, but will have to test it for myself...for I am a Noro Lover.

It would also be nice to see more pics of your darling kittens...soon I hope!

Octopus Knits said...

Lots of lovely socks! When the sweaters start driving you batty, you can pick up a sock for a bit : )

Sara Kirby said...

Wow! Look out socks! You've been busy. they look warm and cozy!