Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Funnel

There's something wrong with this picture:

Do you think that this marsupial inspired cowl neck was designed to carry objects? Like maybe a large kitten?

Heck, I could fit my mother's dog and a small kitten in there!

It seems that I am a little too good at following directions.

Which is why I seriously began to question the pattern when I realized that I had over 14 rounds to knit - over 128 stitches - and only had this much yarn left.

I did notice that it didn't look quite like the picture...

In my defense, here's what the pattern says:

Pick up and knit x stitches evenly around entire neck edge. Join to work in rnds and pm to mark beg of rnd. Rnds 1-12 Purl. Rnds 13-24 Knit. Rep Rnds 1-24 once. Rep rnds 1-12 once...

I read the italicized text to mean to work rounds 1-24 twice. Otherwise, why say "repeat"?

Why not just say: "Work Rnds 1-24 once. Rep rnds 1-12 once."

I have knit THOUSANDS of stitches unnecessarily, not to mention that I have claw hand. All because I am sooooo good at following directions.

The good part is that I only need to frog those THOUSANDS of stitches (OK, it's only 1536 but it feels like more) before I can finish.

I'm trying to decide which of these rawhide lacings I'll use.

OOHHH Scott Bakula is on Boston Legal (or whatever it's called these days) Sigh. I loved him in Quantum Leap.

Back on topic: rawhide. The darker brown one is much thinner and more flexible, but maybe too thin. The lighter one might be too stiff. I'll have to weave them in to see which one works best.

Contrary to the instructions (see, I do rebel once in a while), I blocked the sweater before starting the cowl. This is Mr. B's narrative of the event:

Ooooh look! A new rug for me!

I think I'll test it out!

Not quite soft enough. Needs some work. I'll just knead it a little to get it in shape.


Luni said...

I like it! I'm sure it will be worth the aggravation.

Octopus Knits said...

Mr. B. sure knows what he likes : )

That is odd that the instructions tell you to repeat when you should just work those rounds once. Grrr... but the sweater body looks fantastic blocked!