Monday, March 24, 2008

Sophia Carry All - Day 3

Tonight I pinned...

and pinned...

and pinned. Looks like a birthday cake for an acupuncturist doesn't it?

After all that pinning, I finally got to sewing, only to arrive at what can only be described as the "Oh shit" moment:

See the mark on the right? See how it doesn't match up with the mark on the left? That is not a good thing. It means that if I ignore it, my bag will be lopsided. Poo!

I checked the other side of the bag. Sure enough. I screwed up. So I pulled out the ripper. As violent as that sounds, what's even worse is that I use a scalpel-like tool (my, this is a gory endeavor).

You know those word association games that test your association skills? If a cat is to a dog and a dog is to a rabbit, then a rabbit is to: a) power tools, b) yarn, or c) fish. Well if "knit" is to "tink", then what is "stitch" to? "Hctits"? If so, would you pronounce it like hick-tits? I'd better stop there or I'll start making bad hillbilly boobie jokes and this is a Miss Grumpy Pants post.

I am not having fun!

This kind of thing never happens when I knit!

OMG!!! I'm watching Medium as I write this and there was this scene:

[Two girls are held captive and chained to a wall. One girl reveals to the other that her mother is a private investigator and is really good at it. The other girl responds with sarcasm]

Girl 1: Must be nice. My mom's at home right now knitting me a sweater

Girl 2: What do you mean?

Girl 1: She knits all the time. She even opened a yarn store in (blabblab). She'll probably barge in any minute and stab our host with a knitting needle.


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Luni said...

I'd offer encouraging words, but I don't have any about sewing. Years ago, I realized I could buy it cheaper. No more sewing for me. Knitting rips out much nicer.
The medium scene would have been really great if it had ended with the girl's mother (the knitting one) showing up and rescuing them.