Monday, February 05, 2007


I've had one of those nervy cranky days where I feel like there's just too much going on (even though there isn't anything major) and I long for smoothness. Where I can look in the peripherals of my consciousness and see nothing waiting to poke me in the eye. Very Zen, I know. It might be due to lack of sleep. Last night I woke up at 3 am when Chloe decided to jump on the bed, which is HIGHLY unusual. She couldn't find a comfy spot and kept moving around and decided to jump down and go back downstairs. I heard her usual footsteps: kalunk kalunk kalunk and then KLUNK KLUNK KABLUNK - a very bad sound. I jumped out of bed and found her hobbling down the steps. She had somehow injured her foot or leg and was favoring it. Of course this meant that Mr. Strange had to get up too and we fretted over her for a good half hour before deciding that she was sore but OK. She is still favoring the foot/leg, but is going about her business with the exception of climbing on things. She hates going to the vet so much that we are waiting to see if it is something that will clear up on it's own. I can't feel anything swollen or irregular. It's always the stupid things that bite you in the ass.

All this venting is just to set the stage for the wonderful gift that arrived in a small package today:Oh my happy happy feet! Felted booties made just for me by my Secret Pal Abigail. They fit so perfectly! I love love love them! Did you get that? I LOVE them! They couldn't have arrived on a better day. So warm and toasty! Thank you Abigail!! Sorry this isn't the best photo in the world, but I had to take a picture before they became covered in cat hair!

If that weren't enough, I also received this book in the mail from Zooba:

Just $9.95 my friends! I'm sure they don't need any free advertising, but I can't help but share the love.
I've decided that I'm done with my love affair with yellow, at least for now. I spent Saturday morning finishing my first Small Capitals sock. I thought that I would be Miss Clever Clever and bind off in kitchener rib. Kitchener Bitchener! Looks great, don't you think? Looks can be deceiving.

It wouldn't fit over my foot! I cursed my knitting book for calling this bind-off method "stretchable". That is until I ripped it out and bound off in regular rib. Same problem.

Do you think maybe it had something to do with the fact that I cheated on my gauge? That I cast on 48 stitches as though I were getting the 7.5 stitches to the inch called for instead of the 7 stitches I was actually getting because I didn't feel like working on 72 stitches? It's lace! I thought it would stretch! My bad. OK, back to the drawing board. Only one little problem. Something to do with split stitches. A tangled mess. &%#@!!
Determined to make this work without ripping out the entire sock, I increased 12 stitches around before starting the rib. Still a snug fit, but it works. For some reason I have no desire to make the second sock any time soon. I just need to find someone with one skinny foot who likes yellow!
I feel a blue phase coming on....


Abigail said...

Yeah! They fit! I was so worried about that!

Thank you for being a great Secret Pal. You spoiled me rotten....I shall never be the same again.

ZoobaBookblogger said...

Zooba chick here...Thanks for the shout out. Your knitting rocks! Check out reading suggestions and book news at our blog!