Sunday, February 11, 2007


Here's Zippee wearing his Christmas sweater. It fits! See how he is walking on his front legs? I think he wants to be a circus dog! The doofus beside him is his "big brother" Casey, a 6 year old Boxer (I am not knitting him a sweater). They absolutely adore each other.

Such a pweddy widdle boy!!!
He is so easy to please. No complaints about the fit, color, pattern or fiber! Per my mum's request, I knit the underside to allow his "wee wee" to be free so he won't soil his sweater. Now how often does that issue come up in your knitting? Wait. I don't really want to know.


Lori said...

The sweater fits perfect! If I could only get it right the first time like that when I knit for myself!

Abigail said...

You made me laugh! How many of us consider such things? Is is polite to talk about those concerns in polite company?

He does look like a handsome dog indeed.