Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sew Busy!

Ohmigosh where did all that time go? The last week was a blur of working out, recovering from working out, sewing, knitting, visiting the dentist, recovering from visiting the dentist, birthday planning and playing with Mom. What do I have to show for all that running around?

A new Bow Tucks Tote for Mom, better known by my quilting pals as the "Botox Bag". This is a very well written pattern that sews up quickly once all of the pieces are cut.

It's quite a roomy tote, perfect for knitting or what have you, with lots of inside pockets and these neat little bows which magically transform the appearance of the bag from tote to large purse. The fabric is from JoAnn's and was chosen for its close resemblance to the Java Blue collection from Vera Bradley (one of Mom's favorite prints). Incidentally, the Vera print was designed by Michael Miller, and if you don't want to spend the money on one of her bags, you can make your own using fabric from the Metro Blue Collection from Marcus Brothers (also designed by Michael Miller) online or at your local quilt store ( Mariner's Compass in Bath, Maine and Portsmouth Fabric Company in Portsmouth, NH both carry it)

One of the things I love about this bag is that it's a great way to showcase a beautiful button. This one was also purchased at JoAnn's (40% off this week!). Can you tell that I live less than a mile from this store?

I can't wait to make one of my own. If only I could decide which of my stash fabrics to use....

The bag was a gift for Mom's birthday (which was Thursday). We spent the weekend together, doing the usual: shopping.

I made out like a bandit at Mariner's Compass Quilt Shop in Bath, finally finding this Amy Butler Cabo Halter Pattern. I resisted the urge to buy the fabric to make one, deciding to hold off when I saw some other little goodies, too good to pass up.

I found this 5 inch charm square pack of the Celebrate Spring collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda (44 squares for $10).

And this collection of Chez Moi by Sentimental Studios, also for Moda: 38 squares for only $8! Aren't they the most scrumptious colors? I just want to eat them!

To translate this into knitting terms, imagine getting 38 10 yard hanks of a new color palette from a yarn designer! OK, I know what you are thinking: that I am falling down the slippery slope of stash acquisition. Just what am I going to do with all those little squares?

Don't worry. I have a plan. More importantly, I have a pattern. This little bag will use 18 of the squares, leaving me 68 to use in a little charm quilt, which I also have patterns for in the More Nickel Quilts Book I won as a door prize at the Getaway.

I've wanted to make this bag for a long time, but it seemed a bit maman (we say it like "mehmeh") for my fashion taste. Don't get me wrong, I love that country primitive stuff in my home. I just don't want to wear it. Speaking of yummy, I also found these sherbet colored buttons at the Walbox store. Precious aren't they? I'd better watch it. If you could hear me talk about these, you'd start calling me Smeagol...

It seems that I just can't get enough time on my sewing machine these days! That's the one thing I prefer about knitting: it's so portable. Mom and I had a little sewing bee this weekend, and I had to haul my machine with me. I taught her how to make a coiled fabric basket, but had to leave early because of the stupid snowstorm. Yeah. More snow. I can't even talk about it anymore. I did get a chance to pre-cut some strips for a new basket in these colors reminiscent of summer days at Cape Cod.

And made some serious progress on another project. This is just a sneak preview. It's a work in progress.

My mom, being the woman that she is, instantly recognized that a girl's gotta have tools and bought me this cute little screwdriver set at the hardware store. I will not apologize. It's cute and I adore it. Mr. Strange swears that he won't touch it either (I wonder why?). I had forgotten how much I love hardware stores. I've been visiting quite a few lately and have to tell you that they are such cool places! Almost as good as a stationary store, if you're one of those people, like I am. All those rows of gadgets and whoozits that do goodness knows what but look really cool. By the way, I'm talking about real hardware stores. Not those big box caverns where you can't even see the ceiling without getting a crick in your neck.

Don't worry though. I am still a knitter at heart. I've been plugging away at Ariann, having nearly completed all of the increase rows. Next up: sleeves!

Don't be surprised if next week isn't just as spotty, post wise. This weeks' schedule includes a Quilt guild meeting, a re-scheduled birthday party, 2 Pilates classes and appointment with a personal trainer (!!!). In the meantime, if you are feeling the sewing bug like I am, check out the free patterns on Amy Butler's website! I've already printed out the kitty (but of course). If that doesn't do it for you, P&B Textiles has a sheep fabric... There. Bet that got your attention ;)


Aimee said...

Hello Hello!!!

(In a sing-songy voice) "I know what the preview is.... la, la, la, la, laaa, laaa!"


Yarn Coffee said...

You make quilting look so fun! I love that Amy Butler pattern. I wish you purchase her patterns off her website.

Beautiful Bag!