Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Inventory

I don't know about you, but when I go on vacation, I adopt a gluttonous attitude, throwing all discipline out the window. Potato chips? Sure, bring 'em on. Beer? Lots please. French fries, chocolate, burgers, pizza, Chinese food? I'll take the lot. Bedtime? When I feel like it. Tired? Drink more coffee. Wound up? Have a drink or two - why not three? The problem is that it's hard to gain control over the reckless abandonment when it's over. My vacation ended weeks ago, but I have been wallowing in debauchery ever since. Each day, I have been telling myself that I need to get control over things and go back to a structured, disciplined life, and each day, I've succumbed to one temptation or another. As Labor Day approached, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to start fresh. I have decided that my first step will be to take control of my knitting.

I guess you could call this a Frog it or Finish it lineup. With the exception of a few unfelted flowers stuffed in a bag in the closet, these are my UFO's:
Bailey Island scarf in Malabrigo using my own pattern. I was obsessed with finishing this scarf, even more so when I ran out of yarn. Almost as soon as I found and purchased several skeins online, I began to lose interest. Right now its about 45 inches long, and I'd like it to be about 65 inches. Since I'm so close and because I really like it, I'll Finish it.
Here and There Cables from Scarf Style with Reynold's Odyssey. Oh dear. I initially started this scarf because I couldn't find the Malabrigo for Bailey. The yarn was what I bought after I returned some Dolly Maxi that Mr. Strange bought me for Christmas as an alternative to the Malabrigo (the Dolly didn't do it for me). I'd always wanted to make something with this yarn, so it wasn't hard to switch gears from Bailey to this. Unfortunately, I hated knitting it. If I pick it up again, I will still hate knitting it, so it will be Frogged! I can always use the yarn for something else (I have 8 balls of it).
Pomatomus from Knitty, Winter 2005 in Koigu KPPPM started last November. I had good intentions, but lost interest at one point and set it aside. Fortunately, I had the foresight to write myself a little note to indicate where I left off. I still doesn't make me want to finish it, but darn, I'm so close. For now, I'll continue to set aside as a Finish later (hey, it's my list, I can change the rules if I want to).
Just your basic Yankee Knitter sock. I started it at some point in January. I think I wanted a little color to break up CPH, but wasn't really keen on the unexpectedly large red stripes and gave up. Feh. I'm not in love, but what else am I going to do with it? Aimee, want some sock yarn? If not, I'll Finish it, eventually.
Monkey Socks from Knitty, Winter 2006 using Spunky Eclectic Skinny sock. Started and stalled in June. I decided that my gauge was too loose after one weekend of knitting this. I just haven't gotten around to frogging it yet, but I will.
Sunburst Pullover from Interweave, Summer 2002 (cover) using Reynolds Ole Ole. When I first started knitting (as an adult), I saw this sweater on the cover of Interweave and thought that it looked incredibly difficult and set a goal to make it when I was experienced enough. OK, I'm experienced enough now, but do I really want to make it? It's sat in a bag for nearly a year. In all that time, I haven't wanted to touch it. Frog!
Cardigan with Straight Sleeves from Paton's Next Step 3 using Berrocco Keltic in color Thistle. I was so close to finishing this in April, but Spring brought warmer weather and I made a mistake on the button bands and have to do them over. It's all blocked and ready to go. Now that Fall is coming, I think I'll Finish it!
Ariann from Chic Knits in Ella Rae Classic Wool. Started in April and abandoned after the Getaway in favor of the Surplice Lace Top and summer knitting. Love the color, love the pattern. It will be perfect for fall. Now, if I can just find time to Finish it...
Ginger from the Rowan Summer Tweed Collection in Rowan Summer Tweed. Started in July and dropped like a hot potato when I realized that I needed to block it before seaming. How lame is that? I will Finish it, hopefully in time to wear it before next summer!
Fifi from French Girl Knits in Rowan Calmer. I currently have a love/hate relationship with this sweater. I put it aside just before my vacation to work on the cardigan below. I picked it up again this past Thursday, realizing that it would soon be too chilly to wear. I checked my clicker and, relying on the number 5 that appeared, started on round 6 of the repeat. It wasn't until I'd finished the repeat and had worked 2 rows into the next that I realized that my last cable was shorter than the rest. Shit and shinola! Yesterday morning I forced myself to tink back to the mistake, which I had made 8 rows back. I knit until my arms hurt, and am convinced that it's fallen into the Black Hole of Knitting, because it doesn't seem to grow at all. Still, I am so close that it would be ridiculous not to Finish it.
V-Neck Cardigan from Lousia Harding's Modern Classics in GGH Linova, started August 10th. I started this thinking that I needed some easy knitting to work on during vacation. I barely touched it the whole week, but have been working diligently since then. So far, I've finished the fronts and back and am about half way done one sleeve. I want to Finish this so badly so I can wear it this season and start something new!!
Ummmm. This is an experiment I started last weekend. I can explain myself. You see, ever since this yarn showed up at JoAnn Fabrics for $2.99 a skein, I have been fondling it. The colors are beautiful (so why did I choose this color?) and the ply is very nice, for acrylic. It even knits up evenly. If I needed to make a washable garment for a child or a dog, it would be perfect; but I don't have either and there's no chance that one is going to appear. Ever. So, it's already frogged. Let's face it, no matter how nice the color is or how nicely it knits up, it's still plastic, and I have all of this beautiful natural fiber in my stash to play with:
Which brings me to the real reason for my self-imposed Frog it or Finish it mandate: I want to start something new so badly, but I won't allow myself to until I at least finish Fifi and the V neck cardigan. So far, here's what I am dreaming of (subject to change at whim):
Frances from the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Collection in Debbie Bliss Rialto...
V Neck Cardigan from Freedom Spirit 455 in color #506 Air. My friend Lori found this yarn before I did and put 5 skeins on hold at our LYS. I wanted some too, but they sold out and I just happened to find a bag of 10 skeins at another shop later. In anticipation of Lori's birthday, I set it aside until I could decide if I would: a) give her all 10 skeins; b) give her 5 skeins; or c) keep them all for myself and give her something else. As luck would have it, she just picked up her 5 balls from the LYS and, wouldn't you know, my bag had the same dye lot and, between the two of us, we have enough for each of us to make a sweater (and possibly a beret)!
Some basic socks from the Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett. Landscape Fire, Color #4259 (Left) and Landscape Earth, Color #4255 (Right). I! love! this! yarn!
I've decided that crochet doesn't really count, but it is yarn after all, and the Larger Than Life Bag would be really nice for the Fall. Maybe I'll Finish it in time for this fall.
In the midst of all this finishitupitis, I'm still plugging away at Brave New World. So far, all of the center blocks have been sew together.
Remember that cheapo fabric that shrunk? As I predicted, it caused some grief when I trimmed up the block, leaving less than the seam allowance to stitch. My solution? I added a sliver of the same fabric (after pre-shrinking it by pressing the bejeezus out of it).
See, it in the grand scheme of things it doesn't even show!
Now there's just those pesky borders to sew on.

If I stick to my guns, you should be seeing some finished knits very soon. Until then, I give you permission to scold me if I start another project before finishing at least one of the above! Of course, I have been known to keep secrets...


Darrin said...

Don't feel bad. I have so many unfinished but so close to done I have given up counting. In the midst of all I need to finish I have started a 2x2 rib sweater (my own design because I really like stress) for my 6'3" husband. Oh did I mention that it is Galway worsted on #6!! Just shoot me.


Yarn Coffee said...

Wow! Quite the impressive lineup you have. I'm so glad that Baily made the Finish It list. That scarf just looks beautiful and warm. When you do finish it will you release the pattern?

Hope you are doing well!