Friday, April 04, 2008

Sweet Nothing

We interrupt the silence of this blog to bring you this brilliant observation:

This little tyke appeared in an e-mail from Lion Brand.

Is it just me or is this kid going poopie?

Sorry. That's about all the communication I can muster. Will be back soon. I feel a craft room makeover coming on...


Darrin said...

Ahhh, yes. As the mother of three who were very talented in that area and still have the ability to clear public rest rooms, ah yes. You would have thought the photographer would have gotten a shot of her happy "guess what I just did", look. Instead of work in progress. Have a great week.


Dawn said...

You are too Funny! When you finish with your craft room would you consider coming over to my house and makeover/arrange my knitting closet?

Sara Kirby said...

Looks to be the beggining of a nice poop session, just before the brow furrows and the face become red and focused. haha!