Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, I pod

I got a toy for Christmas this past year. I opened it. I looked at it. I put it back in the box.

Tonight, I finally plugged it in and promptly downloaded podcasts of all of my favorite shows from NPR and PRI

Any good knitting podcasts to recommend?

One would think that I'd download music...

but I'm starting small

(ie: I don't have a secure wireless network so I don't want to give credit card info online using laptop and am too lazy to walk across the room, pick out a CD from my meager collection and load it).

Damn this thing is cute!

I'm now listening to an interview with Nick Cave on "Fresh Air" (can't help thinking of Bongwater's "Nick Cave Dolls")


The last time I listed to a portable sound device, it looked like this:

I love technology!



Lisa said...

Welcome to the technology age.

I like Stash and Burn, they talk about alot about knitting and a bit about their lives. I;m not such a fan of Lime and Violet - they are a bit too crass for me. They talk alot about everything but knitting on some shows. Oh well.

Go through the iTunes store, search knitting podcasts and a whole bunch will come up.

Luni said...

Welcome to the 21st century! I recommend the most well-known knitting podcast, Cast On. Brenda is only broadcast monthly now, but there's plenty of old ones to download. Currently, I'm also enjoying It's a Purl, Man, and Knit Science. If you like a book chapter/review along with your knitting, Craft Lit is addictive.