Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Diary of a Technophobe

This is my first post using my new laptop. EIIIIIEEEY! I can figure a lot of things out on my own, but let me just tell you that figuring out something as simple as flipping the bl**ping "wireless antenna on/off switch" took over an hour, and that's with my friend's brother-in-law on the phone providing well needed tech support. So far, posting photos are a bit beyond my capabilities, but the learning curve should improve once I get used to the idea. It is so nice to be able to sit comfortably on the couch and do this, especially since I don't have to wait for Mr. Strange to finish surfing weird websites about nuclear weapons and men who wear socks with sandals. (That's my guy).

Speaking of socks, I'm off now to start a new pair of socks using the Cherry Tree Glitter yarn in "Northern Lights" I got from Santa Mom. Photos soon!

Wireless rocks!


Liz said...

OK. I have been in and out of here visiting with you for about a week now. I think it is about time I let you know that I have been sneaking in and out of here LOL.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and didn't want to leave you with my site address as I haven't knitted and crocheted in a while and I haven't post in a looooong time on that blog. There is not much happening there.

I have three blog, well four if you count my Miss Elainie Memes, and two of them are password protected. (Oh, did I mention that I have to be out of my mind to have 4 blogs). My main blog is pass. protected and if you would like to visit with me (how forward is that? *smile*) email me and I will send you the info. My email addy is:

Again, I have enjoyed reading your post and I have also enjoyed the great pictures.

jacqueline said...

i cant wait to see how that cherry tree hill in northern lights nights up.

i've been eyeing off that particular colourway for ... hmm well it feels like years now!! although true be known i am the world's worst sock knitter so i am better off living vicariously through you.