Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gone to the dogs

This gal sure knows how to relax:

I wish I could just hide in a bag because ohmygosh it's almost time and there are so many things to get done and why do I do this to myself every single year?

When I haven't been shopping (did I ever tell you how much I dislike shopping for non-knitting related things?) I've been knitting, but don't have many photos to post because:

a) Mr. Strange had my camera for several days, and
b) when you finish knitting something at 11:30 pm to mail the next day, taking a photo is not the first thing that comes to mind. That said, here's what's been going on:

I knit the Titilating Tam, this time in the size Medium, with Malabrigo in black for my MIL. It is soft and I hope it fits. I think I would rather have it smaller, but her head is larger than mine. Oh well, if it doesn't fit, I'll knit her another one because it is in the brown as we speak.

The little sheep came out very cute and not at all pornographic. I added ears and a tail to the pattern and have started another using some Dale of Norway Tiur from stash but with black face and feet (Mr. Strange has not stopped making rude comments about this one).

In the meantime (time? who has time?!?), I am knitting my mom's little dog an aran sweater. Yes, you read that correctly. An aran sweater. In Lion Brand worsted, which is like knitting with yarn made from recycled plastic soda bottles. Why? Because, like a fool, when she got the little guy, I was so excited to knit him a sweater, but kept putting it off because he was still growing and she keeps asking for it. Arggh! Here is part of the telephone conversation I had with her this evening:

Me: How big is his neck?

Mom: Well his head is larger than his neck, I'll measure that.

Me: No, not his head, his neck. The neck will stretch to fit his head. I don't want to strangle him.

Mom: HOLD STILL! He's licking me! His neck is 7 inches. No 8 inches. No 7 and a half. He won't stop moving.

Me: OK, let's call it 8 because the pattern size is 8 and a half. How far is his neck from his legs?

Enter laughter from Mr. Strange

Mom: From the front of his legs or the back?

Me: His front legs. How far is it from his neck to the front of his front legs?

Mom: 2 inches, no 2 and a half...SIT STILL....I guess I would say 3 inches.

Me: OK, how big is he around the chest, at his ribcage?

Mom: ZIPPI STOP!! His chest? From his legs?

Me: Yes, how big around is he?

Mom: 11 inches I'd say.

Me: OK, now how far away from his neck is his wee wee?

Mr. Strange collapses in a fit of laughter

Mom: Well he's a very long little dog. That's the problem. SIT STILL! His wee wee is about 5 inches from his neck, but you know, I can always wash it if he pees on it.

Oh my, the things we do for those we love.

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Anonymous said...

I side with Mr. Strange. That was a hysterical thing to read much less hear as a third party. Good luck with the sweater!

Happy Holiday