Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let the silly season begin

This is the first of what I am sure will be a month of spotty, lame-ass posts, so I apologize in advance. Not that anyone else has the time either! Here's my last week in a nutshell:

  • Monday: worked, shopped for HOURS looking EVERY where for the "perfect" fabulous outfit to wear to a big Christmas bash. Didn't find it. Watched "Heroes" and crashed on couch.
  • Tuesday: worked, went to Walmart (of all places) and found a passable top but kept looking anyway, went to Pilates, crashed on couch.
  • Wednesday: worked, shopped some more, looking for something better. Found some bling bling. Came home, posted on here and crashed on couch.
  • Thursday: worked, went to Pilates, altered top (which turned out to be fabulous after all), painted nails, crashed on couch.
  • Friday: worked, went to bash, danced all night and broke my groove thing (yeah yeah), crashed on my friend's couch.
  • Saturday: crashed on couch, went out for beer, crashed on couch.
Which brings me to today. I have not laid on the couch once today. In fact, I accomplished quite a bit; it must be Yankee guilt kicking in over all that sloth.

First, I finished weaving in all the ends on Coral Crossing. Ta da! Here it is. I'm a bit disappointed with the fit. It's bagging in some places, which I didn't expect because I knit it 2 inches smaller than my bust size. Oddly, one sleeve is looser than the other. Either I was angry knitting on one of them, or I blocked it too big.

Here's the back. See how it's baggy? I don't like that! Yes, I have a tattoo. It's a cat in a triangle with stars and a crescent moon and some swirley stuff. I was really into ancient female symbolism when I designed it about 12 years ago. I like it, but I forget that it's there. Anyway, about the sweater. I decided to re-block it. I was hoping to wear it to my quilting groups' annual Christmas party, but I really doubt it will be dry in time for next year's party. In the meantime, I started on the longer version of my cable hat and am about halfway there. As soon as I finish, I'll post the pattern . This one is in Lamb's Pride. Not as soft as the Malabrigo, but the color is pretty. I also managed to put away all the fall and Halloween decorations (how lame is that?) and cleaned my sewing room so that I could mess it up again. We have a "Yankee Swap" gift exchange at the quilt party, so I made this little wool applique pillow from a Buttermilk Basin pattern. After that, I went shopping for some toiletries to donate to the charity we are sponsoring at this years' party: "The Family Crisis Shelter" for battered women and children. I was feeling really crabby about having to go out, but then I reminded myself that I have everything I could ever possibly want, so I could at the very least spend some time and money on someone who doesn't. Gotta keep things in perspective. Speaking of perspective, most of my friends have agreed that we would much rather spend time together than shop for each other, so we are going to go out and celebrate the season instead. Who needs more stuff when it's time spend with those we love that really matters?

Gosh it's late! Time to go crash on the couch!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like an exhaustingly lovely week past. Most of "crashed on couch" involves knitting on couch till I can't keep my eyes open adn then waking up tired and cranky because of the previous night's knitting. Argh, the things we sacrifice for passion!