Friday, May 18, 2007

Bad things happen to speedy knitters

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Bosh! I say laziness is the mother of invention, at least in my house.

I've been working hard on the Surplice Lace Top every evening this week. Because I am lazy enjoy living on the edge, I decided to make some modifications to this pattern. First, I substituted a sport weight yarn for the so-called worsted weight yarn called for in the pattern, without buying extra yardage. Second, I went down a needle size. Despite this, I got perfect near gauge. Next, I decided that it was a silly waste of time to seam the bodice top to the bodice bottom, so I knit it in one piece. This worked great for the back, and look how great it's working for the front:

I worked the right front first, putting the first 35 of the 55 stitches needed for the left front on waste yarn. After finishing the right front, I joined new yarn and picked up the remaining 20 stitches behind the right front and continued on to work the left front.

So neat! So clever! I even took these pictures to brag about my ingenuity. I even thought that I would have (barely) enough yarn to finish. Well hardy har har. The joke is on me. As I compared the front and back tonight, I noticed something that made my head hurt. Oh No! No no no no no!

The front is shorter than the back! Count the lace rows. I omitted an entire lace repeat! F*BOMB! Kapow!

Now I know that I WILL run out of yarn! Cheese and Crackers!

I'll need to call the Patternworks and order one more skein. Hmmm. They carry Wildflower DK...that yarn would be perfect for The Josephine Top....hmmmm.

In total disgust, I focused my energy tonight on making this simple square bottom tote bag with the intention of posting the directions.
Stay tuned.


loriticajane said...

ARGH!! What a bummer!! I think I would have cried. Yep, sat there and cried! How awful!

Ohhh that bag. Verrrry cute. Your going to be posting the directions? OOOHH yay!! I have been wanting to try to get back into sewing and all the cute things I have been seeing around the inter-o-sphere have got me itching to do it again.

Have a great weekend! Try and stay dry. Ugh.

Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope you can get another skein! Cute bag!