Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gimme just a little more time

There are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything I want. From here on out, I am going to give up sleeping because it's just a waste of time.

Just kidding.

There were so many things that I thought I could do this weekend, but here it is, 11:00 pm on Sunday and I still need to paint my toenails, put the laundry away and make a dish for a potluck dinner tomorrow. At least I managed to get a few things accomplished...

I recovered from my Surplice tragedy and decided to rip out the back to the lace section and omit the extra lace repeat. This will only shorten the length by an inch, which will be fine considering that it's already 15 inches, which is a little long for me. Last night I did a bad bad thing. I whipped up the right front and got all the way to the shoulder bind off before I realized that I'd forgotten to increase 60 rows back and was missing a stitch. Need I say that beer was involved. What's the saying? "Friends don't let friends knit drunk"? What can I say - Mr. Strange is out of town and I was all by my lonesome with some cold brew and a pile of yarn.

Before that little mishap, I managed to whip up this little number.
This fabric is so cute that I couldn't resist. The pattern is McCall's #2129 (view D), and the fabric is Moda's Urban Chiks Summer in the City. I hadn't made this pattern in quite a while and had forgotten that it's a pretty fitted high waist design, so it didn't come out how I had anticipated, but I still like it.

I added a little bit of fun at the hem: some itsy bitsy fringe.

I much prefer this skirt that I finished today. The pattern is New Look #6345 (View A) and the fabric is from the Amy Butler Belle Collection for Rowan. I am so in love with this fabric.

For this skirt I added some ric rac to the hem,

and used a contrasting fabric for the waist band facing. I would have modeled these, but a) my photographer is out of town; and b) you don't want to see my veiny white legs. NOTE to self: apply self tanner.

I even had enough fabric left over to make another belt.

Belts belts belts! I can't get enough of them! If you haven't tried the pattern, you shouldn't be intimidated. My friend Lori made her first one this weekend, and said it was really easy (see, I told ya!).

I might have accomplished more today if I hadn't gone to JoAnn Fabrics (less than a mile from my house), for 2 little things. Yeah. $20 later I had the ric rac (above) and lace trim (for below), some ribbon, a zipper, a new skirt (a-line, low waist) and a new magazine. After that there was that annoying food thing to take care of. It's a good thing that we have a Whole Foods store in Portland now. When Mr. Strange is out of town, I just can't be bothered. Unfortunately, I was hungry when I went in and lost a good chunk of time sampling hand lotions (no, I didn't buy or eat any). At least I left with something healthy to eat and my hands smelled good.

After losing nearly 2 hours for what was supposed to be a quick trip, I made it home in time to get a little more sewing in. Here's a sneak preview of a WIP (It's So Easy, it's so easy, yeah yeah yeah...)

I would have finished the top, but I had something else to do this evening:

Yes, I've posted the pattern! Sew happy!

The laundry isn't going anywhere soon, and it's too rainy to show my toes anyway. Do you think cheese and crackers are a lame contribution to a potluck?


Lisa said...

I completely understand about the lack of time!

Your skirts are so cute. What great fabrics!

Thanks for the bag pattern too!

Yarn Coffee said...

Yay! Everything is so pretty, you've been so productive!