Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stitch and kvetch

Why am I obsessed with sewing these days?
Does it have anything to do with the fact that it took me 2 evenings to make this top...
and after 3 weeks, I am still unable to finish knitting the Surplice Lace Top?
I love the portability of knitting and the fact that there are endless opportunities for "do overs", but it does take time; however, if I cut out fabric using the wrong pattern size, I can't just frog it and start over. Thankfully, this top came out exactly the way I wanted it to. Phew! Even if it hadn't, it would only have cost me about $20 and 5 hours.

After owning my sewing machine for 3 years , I finally read the manual and learned to use some of the specialty feet that it came with to create a more polished look - what a concept!

This funny looking foot keeps zig zag stitches flat, resulting in a finished edge that looks just like it had been done by a serger.Have you ever seen one of those tiny rolled hems and wondered how it's done? There's a foot for it!
Suplice. Plbbbb. That's another story. When are they going to invent a row and stitch counter that beeps when you make a mistake? It wouldn't be all that different from a pedometer! Just clip it to your needle and off you go! Forget to decrease and it will BEEEEP! Bound off too few stitches? BEEEEP! I need one of these! I have frogged and knit and frogged and knit and frogged and knit. I can't even say that beer was involved this time. Could it be that I have angered the knitting spirits with all this sewing? Am I being taught a lesson?
If so, I guess I'm destined to frog because I found the cutest little sewing pattern for a surplice front top...


loriticajane said...

I have been really wanting to get back to sewing. I keep seeing all these cute little dresses I can make for my daughter, tote bags ::uhm like yours:: and I could go on and on but you know what I am talking about right? =) I also want to try making a quilt. ~sigh~ =) Have a great a holiday weekend.

Brena said...

Your top looks great and very comfortable. I love the ties in the back.

Ick, frogging. That's beautiful yarn though.

Lisa said...

Love the top - looks extremely comfortable!