Monday, July 02, 2007

Lost and Found: Mojo

In an attempt to summon warmer weather, I begin my sun salutation with downward dog wearing my newly finished Sahara!

Yes! It is done! There is a reason why this pattern was chosen by the Sexy Knitters Club.
A very booby sweater. For more views of my ample bosom and pattern details, visit my Show and Tell.

Day #4 of my 39 and 1/2 birthday brought a new tote pattern and charm squares from Mary. This gal sure knows my taste! Speaking of the half birthday, if you haven't (or have) read my previous post, I added some pictures from the party that Jill sent me, including party hats and my geeky look of surprise when I saw the cake.
Since finishing Sahara on Saturday, I've been trying to start a new project, but it seems that my knitting mojo is visiting someone else these days. I spent 3 (yes, three) hours at Korner Knitters Saturday afternoon trying to find yarn for a new project. Of course I found plenty of yarn (porn for another day), and had a grand time chatting with Darrin. I even learned some neat tricks from one of Lucy Neatby's DVD's - like how to put a stitch in it's "proper station in life" (This lady ROCKS!). Even so, every gauge swatch I knit is too small or too big. I feel like Goldilocks! Instead of fighting it, I decided to turn my attention elsewhere.

Tonight I sewed 40 (at least I thought there were 40) blocks for my neutral/blush Cobblestone quilt.
Oddly, when I went to lay the blocks out, there were only 39. It must be my magic number!
Here are 36 of the blocks, placed somewhat randomly. See that one dark rose center? There will be 6 more blocks with that print as the outside and 4 more centers. Right now, being the only spot of color, it really pops. Each block finishes 6 inches, so I'm planning on 80 blocks laid 8 across and 10 down for a total size of 60 x 48. I'll add a small inner border (about 1.5 inches) and a wider outer border - maybe a light pink and beige floral - to make a lap quilt. If I were a good little quilter, I'd square the first 39 blocks now, but I like squaring blocks as much as I like blocking sweater pieces. Must be a mental block of some kind (snort).


Lisa said...

Sahara looks lovely and very sex-ey!

Love the quilt and can't wait to see it done!

Anonymous said...

Love it with the PINK