Monday, January 22, 2007

Comfort Zones

When Mr. Strange goes away, I like to change things around the house. Usually it's something small, but I like to torment him with the "Notice anything different?" quiz when he gets home. You probably can't tell by the looks of things, but I did something new and brave to my computer and am so pleased with myself! I'll spare you the guessing game. I downloaded my photo software to my laptop and transferred photos directly from my camera!! All by myself! OK, that may not seem like such a big deal, but I am such a techophobe that I have been wasting a ridiculous amount of time switching from our desktop pc to the laptop because I was afraid to try something new! Wow! What a difference! I feel so free! Now I can blog with pics anywhere! Tra la la! I still wont be posting from Mom's though; she doesn't know about the blog.
Speaking of Mom, we had a very knitterly weekend together. I finally finished the left front of CPH: Here's a close up with tape measure:See why I am a little freaked out by how small it is? I am making the size 36, and this is supposed to block out, with an inch and a half button band, to 9 1/2 inches. I think that means that the fronts should measure 8 inches before the band is added. Right now it's measuring about 5 1/2 inches unblocked. Then there's the seam allowance. Hmmm.

I would like to have cast on the right front, but I told Mom that I would knit a replacement sweater for her dog Zippee. (I didn't bring any more of the yarn for CPH just to keep myself honest.) In addition to making this version one size larger, I've added a couple of inches of ribbing and another inch to the section before the armholes (ooops, make that "front legs").

At least he'll get some use out of it. It was freezing out this weekend - Mother Nature is punishing us making up for all those warm days. What better way to spend the Saturday than at a cozy yarn shop having a big sale? Yardgoods Center, my favorite not-so-local shop, was having its annual January sale: 20% off all yarn. My heart be still. In my last post, I linked to a site selling Koigu KPPPM after seeing Parikha's Hedera Socks. So to give credit where it is due, I must thank her for re-introducing me to this pattern! For some reason they didn't do much for me in their solid version, but ZOWIEE, I love how they look in the Koigu! How convenient, then, that Yardgoods had some in stock: (color # P513). But wait! There's more! Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in "Water" - I think it looks more like valentine conversation hearts candy.
I'm thinking of Baudelaire or Falling Leaves.... better yet, I'm sure I saw a sock pattern once that had little lace hearts. Any idea where it was?
I am so influenced by color. It's not unusual for me to purchase yarn that matches what I am wearing while shopping. Can you tell I was wearing a pink tee when I bought the Supersock and this Cascade 220 for Ariann???

It wasn't that easy though. I was sorely tempted by all the shades of green and brown, but I really need a break. What better than this pretty icy pink? It just screams "Spring!". I don't know about your mom, but mine has certain colors she likes to see me wear. This pink just happens to be one of them. The teenager in me felt like choosing a different color for that very reason, as though I were still fighting to assert my own identity. Which you would know is really silly if you saw how many pink things I have. Sometimes mom really does know best!

What mom doesn't know is how to read knitting patterns anymore. I had to help her several times with her first Great American Aran Afghan Challenge block (I bought her the book for Christmas). She says that it's because directions have changed so much over the years, but I suspect it has more to do with her weakening eyesight and attention span issues. She used to be so brave about trying new things and figuring out complicated patterns. Now it seems that she gets confused so easily. To her credit, she keeps plugging along and doesn't quit. I wonder if that will happen to me? Will there be a point when the world moves faster than my brain to keep up? Since I don't have children, who will hold my hand and help me? That's partly why I made myself do the camera thing tonight. I need to step outside my comfort zone and feel the breeze!


Yarn Coffee said...

I hear ya about the CPH, I'm a little worried too. Hopefully blocking will work some sort of magic.

Ya, for new yarn! I love that color pink...and I'm a anti-pinker, but that shade gets me everytime. Mom has good taste.

Charlie said...

i think you should check these sites out:

knitta - - a great gallery f guerilla knitting and lots of other great looking pages here!

(also at

knitting for peace -