Sunday, January 07, 2007

Knitting a la carte

I present "Shedir" from Knitty, Fall 2004 Surprises for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, started Wednesday and finished yesterday. I went to my LYS looking for Rowan Calmer, the yarn called for in the pattern, but none of the colors inspired me. As soon as I saw this color of Rowan Felted Tweed (color #155), vavooom! I felt the rush. The quickening pulse. The "I've gotta have it" voice in my head. AT 191 yards per skein, I knew I would only need one to make the hat. I was a little concerned about the yarn substitution until I did some research and came across Eunny's version. I followed her suggestion and only worked 3 repeats of the main pattern; however, I didn't twist my stitches because my Addi's are a bit too blunt (OK, I didn't feel like working that hard for a subtle effect). I loved working with this yarn, and the pattern was easy to memorize once I started to see the repeat. I'm mostly pleased with the fit. I'm thinking of making another in the Calmer when I find a color I like and will probably add several more rows of ribbing.

This was just the project I needed to get my knitting engine running again. It's not as though I took a break from knitting for any length of time, it's just that I haven't felt very excited about anything. Now I have the opposite problem: I want to knit everything all at once!! I've heard this phenomenon described as "start-itis", but my friend Aimee came up with a great description of this knitting strategy. When she has multiple projects going at once, she says she is "knitting a la carte". Sampling here and there. A smorgasbord of knitting. So, here's what I've been snacking on:

As an appetizer, self-striping socks (2x1 rib) in Regia Crazy Color #5439 (no new photo since my last post, but I have been chewing here and there.) A spicy little dish, these socks have lots color, but so far too much red for my taste, so I can only handle a little at a time.

"Here and There Cables" from Scarf Style in Reynold's Odyssey (color #404 Lavender/Sage mix):

The delicate balance between color and texture are enough to make this a satisfying side dish, and the cables have the potential to make it an entree for someone of average appetite and attention span, but I need something easy to cleanse my palate between bites....

So I started "Klaralund" from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Hands Knitting Collection Book #2 in Noro Kureyon in color #188. What you see here represents today's meal. I just love this colorway and am reminded of my torrid affair with this yarn last year. Unfortunately, I have decided to knit the next size up to achieve the desired roomy fit and have to frog it all, which is not the same as regurgitating... OK, so maybe I should stop the food analogy here.
So much for taking a break from sweaters! Since I have to frog Klaralund, I decided this evening to cast on for the "Must Have Cardigan" in a no-label 2-ply merino cashmere blend from my stash! While everyone else is on a diet, working out and practicing self-control, I am knit binging. Heh heh. I always wanted to be a rebel!

It must be the weather. Yesterday it was 67 degrees. For Portland, Maine, in January, that was a freakish, record-breaking occurrence. This is the time of year when my knitter brain wants to settle in on the couch in my jammies, working magic with wool. Instead, I was hanging around in a T-shirt, without socks and feeling like I "should" be outside, enjoying the sun, with a big fat confused housefly that eluded execution. Fortunately, it's cooling down rapidly and tomorrow's forecast is for a "wintery mix" (translate to wet slop). Twisted, I know.

BTW: I was tired of hand-washing my Jaywalker socks, so I threw them in the wash (on cold, knit cycle with like colors) and they came out fine. A little fuzzier, but no visible shrinkage.


Anonymous said...

You have been a busy girl this weekend. I LOVE the hat.

Charlie said...

Just thinking about you and wanted to say "hi"! Indeed, you are a busy girl! Yes, the weather is freakish here, warm (but I guess it is normal to be warmer in Spain). PS - everywhere I go lately I see people knitting...not sure if I'm just more aware of it now or if the 2007 TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR will be "The Knitter".

jacqueline said...

shedir looks fantastic. the colour is wonderful!