Friday, January 26, 2007

I am curious: Yellow?

Baby it's cold outside. How cold? Single digits. Negative numbers. So cold that your nose hairs freeze. So cold that you have to breath through your mouth, and when you do, you can taste the salt from the roads that leaves a dusty white residue on the sidewalks. So cold that smiling hurts your teeth. So cold that it feels like an iron spike driven in your forehead. So cold that I'm thinking that I'd like to knit with Lopi. That kind of cold. It might explain my recent obsession with the color yellow. Maybe I'm craving sunlight and warmth. It's not a color that I naturally gravitate towards, mostly because I look terrible in it ("jaundiced" doesn't even begin to describe it's affect on my pasty winter complexion) but lately, I can't get enough of it. Mustard! Cheddar! Buttery popcorn! Macaroni and Cheese! Peanut M&M's! It must be the mid-winter blahs. This time of year I'm always thinking of Bruce Springsteen because "I wanna change my clothes my hair my face". I desperately need a hair cut and color and I feel like there isn't enough lip balm and moisturizer in the world, and a pedicure wouldn't hurt either. I completely understand why people flock to the Caribbean this time of year! Since travel just isn't in the budget these days, I'll have to play with yellow instead.Since wearing yellow near my face is out of the question, hats, sweaters and scarves are not an option. Maybe some yellow mittens? I've been toying with Corazon and Eunny's Anemoi Mittens. Unfortunately, the only "right" yellow I have is this half used skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted. Gee, I'll have to go buy some yellow yarn! In the meantime, I finished knitting Zippee's sweater and only have to weave ends in, and I am nearly done the right front of CPH, which is a good thing, because all that brown tweed is a bit dull to look at after a while.

In local news, knitting has once again caught the attention of journalists looking for young, hip trends: "Knitting Comes Full Circle" from the Portland Press iHerald. Putting aside the annoying stereotypes of grandmothers knitting and the way popular media only seems to skim the surface of what is really going on, the one thing that really stuck me in this article is the power of knit bloggers to spot, drive and promote new trends. I've often thought that shop owners would be well served to spend some time on the 'net, checking out what we are up to. Often, they haven't heard of Knitty, Chic Knits or Craftster. I did have a great experience it Knit Happens in Alexandria, VA a while back. While shopping in there, I found some gorgeous Koigu KPPPM that I knew would be perfect for Jaywalker, but wasn't sure if 2 skeins would be enough. I asked the clerk if she had heard of the pattern, and she not only knew of the pattern, but quickly found it online and checked the yardage! Oh! If that could happen more often!

Maybe my wish will come true. Check out the Interweave Spring preview. Talk about the power of knit bloggers! I see patterns by Eunny, Stephanie, Kate, and the Grumperina herself! Doesn't it make you want to get out your pom poms and do a little cheer?

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