Monday, November 20, 2006

The Barbara Wa Wa Curse continues

After my last post I picked up CC to recover from the sock incident and discovered that I had accidentally cabled 3 times instead of two. Grrrr. Tink tink tink. But wait! There's more....

Yesterday I was at my mum's watching "Dr. 90210" (Dr. Ray is such a jerk) and forgot to increase on my last row before beginning the sleeve cap. I didn't discover it for another 20 rows....and no beer was involved! Spent my lunch break today frogging.

Maybe I shouldn't knit while watching bad televsion.

More time to post for "real" later this week. Busy busy days!

PS - My mum's dog is a Papillon. The picture I posted earlier was taken several months ago - he's now 8 months old and freshly neutered. He's still cute, but not in that pick him up and squeeeeze kind of way that he was before. And he barks. A lot. Nope, I'm not a dog person.

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