Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sleeving away

There's been some knitting afoot in this happy little household. In an attempt to finish Coral Crossing this weekend, I made every effort to work on nothing else. Yeah right. I did manage to finish the first sleeve this morning. This is probably the most accurate color representation so far, but still not true. It only took 3 days, but it felt like forever. It made me face the fact that I just wasn't going to be done as soon as I thought (unless I was willing to spend the entire weekend glued to it), so I treated myself to a little Pomatomus - I can finally type that without looking at Knitty. This looks, at least on my screen, more like the actual color. I'm only obsessing a wee bit about this "true to color" issue because when I looked at my blog at work, I was shocked to see how different the colors are. Today I decided that it was time to buy some new fall clothes because I have been making zero effort these days to look very "put together". Seriously, I've been expecting to see Clinton and Stacy show up at work with the cameras - not that it would be a bad thing necessarily; who wouldn't like to spend 5 grand on a new wardrobe in New York City? But I could do without the humiliation factor. So I slapped on some eye-makeup, styled my hair for once, and hit the outlets in Freeport. Four hours later, I came home with 4 new sweaters (two turtles in tan and loden, a grass green hoodie, and a chocolate V-neck), a sweater vest (dark chocolate - screw Veste Everest!), some chocolate brown velvet jeans (ooh la la), brown tweed slacks, a camel wool a-line skirt, and an off-white down vest (bet you can't guess my staple wardrobe color). Before you say the obvious, I know. Sweaters. Is that crazy or what?? It made me think about my knitting choices. Should I even be making sweaters? All of those that I bought today were made in a very fine gauge. Maybe I should start knitting sweaters with fingering weight yarn. Man, that would take forever. Hmmm. I wonder if Mr. Strange could use a new sweater....

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