Thursday, November 16, 2006


For whatever reason, I am off my knitting game these days. It seems that the closer I come to finishing Coral Crossing, the less I want to finish it. Maybe it's one of those process/product things, but I suspect it is due more to the fact that I have been slammed at work than to any deep psychological anti-finishing pathology. Here's Pomatomus, stalled just after completing the gusset, but {sigh} I have no interest. Here's Coral - I have about 99 rows to go. I know that I could easily do about 30 of them tonight, but {sigh} no interest. What I really, really want to do is cast on for something new.... I am thinking this might just be the ticket... "Sienna Cardigan" from Fall Interweave 2006 in Berrocco Pleasure. Or maybe I could work on some quick Christmas gifts....this is a possibility, the "Fake Fair Isle Hat" from the November Mag Knits. I have a number of odd ball skeins of Noro Kureyon rolling around, waiting for a project like this. Not terribly challenging, but fun and quick. I could, as my Secret Pal suggested, start making children's sweaters, but alas, I have no children to knit for. My friend Aimee has a little boy who is 5 (I am his honorary "aunt" ), but she is just an avid knitter as I am, so there really isn't any need. But my mom's pup, Zippee, now this little guy needs a sweater. If kitties wore sweaters, I could knit Chloe one to cover her little velvety naked parts, but somehow I don't think she would appreciate it. Besides which, she is becoming a wee chubette these days because someone in this house has been feeding her lots of treats, and I think the extra fat is keeping her plenty warm. See the little beggar:I hesitate to say more on the Chloe story. Some of you may be thinking, "Oh boy, here she goes with the cat thing again", but this is good news. The kind of happy happy joy joy news that I just have to share. We got the lab report back on her tumor excision and get this: yes, it was malignant, BUT, the pathologist added a note on the report that it appeared very "clean" (as in self-contained) AND her lymph node was cancer free. The bottom line is that it appears as though it was all removed and there is a possibility that whatever appeared in the x-rays was not lung cancer. She is doing fantastic. Now there is a reason to {sigh}. The vet was a little concerned that we would be angry at him for all we went through emotionally before arriving at this point, but both Mr. Strange and I are so thankful. All I can think of is that I really learned some valuable lessons from this:

  1. Don't spend your days worrying over what hasn't happened yet and may not happen at all (or at least not now and possibly not soon).
  2. Things are not always as they appear.
  3. Don't grieve for the living.
  4. Drinking 2 beers every night for a month to ease your anxiety will only give you a beer belly.


Shelby said...

I'm so glad your kitteh is on the mend...and that little Zippee...omg! What kind of pup is he/she? So cute...I could just eat it up...:)

Charlie said...

great to hear the news about chloe and there's nothing wrong with a little beer belly...hmmm...maybe that's why chloe is a chubbette. perhaps those treats are 40 proof.