Monday, November 06, 2006

Needles and Pinz

Such a stupid little thing. I jabbed my finger with a pin last night while sewing that tote bag. There was a tiny flap of skin that was bothering me at work today, so I pulled it off. Now I can't seem to knit. Ouch!! It's my pusher finger, dangit!At least I can eat to soothe my woes. Chloe has to fast for tomorrow's surgery. It's bad enough when you know you can't eat, but try telling a hungry kitty "No, no, no" every time she cries for food. Poor little girley! I took a cute picture of her staring pitifully at her little placemat with nothing on it but a water bowl, but it shows just how much I have been neglecting the kitchen floor. No need to air all my dirty little secrets!

Elly, if you are reading this, thank you for your kind thoughts : )

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Ruth said...

I actually poked a hole in my "pusher finger" by pushing on my new Knitpicks Options needles. Those babies are sharp! A bandaid works wonders - acts sort of like a thimble.