Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Post op

Great news: Chloe made it through the surgery with flying colors and is resting (un)comfortably at home in her newly constructed cardboard kitty condo, complete with cheery beach towel decor. Although she looks pretty pathetic, she was in the midst of cleaning herself, and that is not a flattering shot of anyone. I respectfully edited out the shaved bits. Must protect her dignity you know. We are so relieved. Thanks so much to everyone who sent us kind thoughts and messages. Since I was a bundle of nervous energy all day, I used my time wisely and finished the second tote for the class. I love the way they came out and am excited to teach it. There will be many more flowers available come spring, so I can imagine lots of possibilities! I'd love to make one with small daisies.
And, since I was mere inches away from finishing the front of Coral Crossing, I did what any self-respecting knitaholic would do: I cast on a new project, Pomatomus in the Cherry Tree Supersock.

Socks don't count right? Oh who cares. It's cheaper than therapy and less addictive than Valium.
I've just finished the first 22 row repeat, which wasn't that complicated once my brain recognized the pattern. I am always amazed at how I am able to memorize a lace pattern, but have a terrible time with numbers. This yarn knits up much softer than I thought it would. On the skein it felt like the Koigu, but is definitely much nicer. Only time will tell if it holds up with washing and wearing. Has anyone out there knit socks with this yarn before? I still long for 5 inch pointy metal sock needles. With all the knitting through back loops in this pattern, the Brittanys feel like stubs. I tried switching to some 7 inch Susan Bates, but they were so freakin genormous that I only knit one needle's worth before giving up and sliding them back on the Brittany. Skacel, hear my prayer.

BTW: What the hell is up with the Blogger spell check? I can understand why it doesn't recognize words like "frogged" and "genormous", but it always picks up "knitter" and "skein"! Tonight it recommended that I change "freakin" to "foreskin". Okaaaay.

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Shelby said...

oooh...that's even more pretty knit up than I was thinking it would be. Can't wait to see the finished product! I love the Potywhosimustus pattern, but it's still a little bit beyond my "durr...what do they mean, ssk?" skill level...;)