Sunday, March 18, 2007



(Same cut, new color. An at home job, I saved $70!)

Ann Norling sweater vest started in 1998.



I love, love, love my new room! LOVE IT! I managed to reduce my fabric by about 1/3, which is fine because I was able to fit most of it back under the table. There are a few bins in the cubby, but I know exactly what they are because I made a list:

The cubby contains:

  1. View-masters
  2. 80's cassette tapes
  3. old 35mm camera and lenses
  4. Jr. High/High School/College Photo albums
  5. High school yearbooks
  6. all extra sewing machines & overlock w/ travel bag
  7. X-mas wrapping supplies
  8. All other gift wrapping supplies
  9. Xtra cubes leftover from yarn storage unit
  10. polyfill & poly batting
  11. small plastic bin of Woolfelt
  12. small plastic bin of landscape fabrics
  13. fabric painting supplies
  14. UFO's
  15. Finished needlework that needs framing
  16. Folding chair
  17. Bin of Totes
  18. Extension cords (2)
  19. Super stiff interfacing
Since the bin in front of the cubby is on wheels, I can move it aside for easy access.

This little piece of fabric represents the slippery slope. In the past, I would have kept it. Why? Because it could become a stem, or a border, or tree trunk. Instead, it would have been one of hundreds, tossed in a bin and forgotten. Now, it has been tossed in the trash and forgotten. The waste. It just kills me.
Maybe I need to start a new policy: I can only save scraps for a certain period of time. If I haven't used them in that time, I have to throw them out or give them to someone else. It would mean that I'd have to be very disciplined. I could view it as an ongoing challenge. Hmmm. I'm going to have to think about this very carefully.

Next on the list: the bathroom!


Lisa said...

Wow that transformation is amazing! I know it is hard to throw things away, but think of how much more productive you will be in such an organized environment! You could put those before and afters in a magazine lol! Great job!

Abigail said...

Well done! You have inspired me to do the same.

Your new "do" looks great. Even better when you save 70 bucks in the process.

Yarn Coffee said...

I am wildly impressed! I may need to borrow your services this summer. I admire anyone who can truly organize clutter.

Hair looks good too!

shortoldlady said...

FANTASTIC JOB! That was quite a transformation!