Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friends to the rescue

After yesterday's cleaning frenzy, I needed a little knitting therapy, so I finished the back of my Classic Collar Straight Sleeve Cardigan from Patons Next Step 3.

The yarn is Berroco Keltic in color Thistle #5853 (from my stash). The gauge for this pattern calls for 15 sts/4 inches on size 10 needles, and the yarn label calls for 16 using the same needles.

I'm taking a bit of a risk here and am using size 9 needles with a gauge of 4 sts to the inch. I figure I can just block it to size, and don't mind if it is a little smaller because I am making the size small with 37.5 finished bust size. If I complain later about the fit, feel free to say "I told you so".

This morning, I made some progress on the fronts, which I am working together: not my usual MO, but I wanted to see if the pattern matches up and am quite pleased with the results so far. Now I'm crossing my fingers that I don't run out of yarn. I have a vague recollection of putting 2 skeins on hold at the yarn shop...

Oh, but I bet you are wondering if I made any progress on that other "little" project I started yesterday...

BEHOLD! Progress has been made!!

Thanks to the awesome help of my angels of organization, Aimee and Lori, things are looking pretty good!

Yarn stash neatly stored...

double pointed needles within easy reach...

single pointed needles nestled in their holder...

and easily accessible double points.

The problem bookcase has been cleared. It's not sturdy enough to support much, so for now I am just using it to store empty baskets, waiting to be filled.

Unfortunately, I still have to do something about all my books, which are temporarily in the living room.

Along with this tower of bins containing all of my fabric.

I am determined to reduce the fabric stash by at least half. I'll have to if I want to fit it all back into the room! I rarely quilt anymore, and my tastes have changed so much. It sickens me a little to think of how much money is invested in all of that stuff, but I really have learned a valuable lesson: Don't buy more than you can use. OK, more than you can use in a year. I'm not totally reformed yet ;)

What you don't see is the growing pile of stuff that I will be carting off to Goodwill or donating to my quilting group for our spring auction. I'm even parting with some yarn (!!!!). If I haven't wanted it in over 3 years, I won't miss it!

I am, however, keeping the googly eyes AND the green pipe cleaners, because they don't take up much space.

In addition to keeping me in line and making me get rid of my collection of ugly tote bags, Aimee volunteered to take my UFO's that need frogging and finally relieved me of my bag of leftover sock yarn. What a load off! That stupid sock yarn has been bugging me for years!

Lori, I take back all of the curses that I directed at you yesterday.

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Yarn Coffee said...

Hahah! Wow, look at how clean that room looks! Was the husband shocked? I'm envious, that all looks like fun, i love organizing stuff! I'm a weirdo.