Sunday, March 04, 2007

She's not here

She's not on the back of the couch.

She's not laying on the bed.

She's not on the porch.

She's not looking out the window.

She's not gasping for breath.

She's not suffering.

She's not here.

How can absence create such a painful presence?


Abigail said...

OMG, Where is that precious feline?

I do hope she returns soon.

Lisa said...

Oh no! What happened to her? Hugs! I will be thinking of you.

Cathryn said...

Aw, T. I'm so, so sorry. Won't say anything more except it's OK to be sad, I hope I see you tomorrow night, and I'm thinking of you lots. Big hug. [squeeze]

Anonymous said...

sending {hugs}. Cathryn is right, it is ok to be sad

Yarn Coffee said...

Oh Tarilyn,

I'm so, so, so sorry to hear about your loss. this must be truly difficult for you.

after losing my dog last june I know how difficult it is to lose not a pet, but a family member.

I hope you are filling your mind with happy memories. the sound of her meow, little things she used to do to get your attention, or anything humorous she may have done as a kitten.

Please let me know if you need anything.

Your in my thoughts,