Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Code Red!

Despite recent events, it appears that my heart is not broken after all.

I know because I have an "absurdly perfect" EKG to prove it.

Apparently, if you call your physician and complain of pressure in your chest, pain in your upper back, and shortness of breath, they want to see you right away. As it turns out, I was having a full blown anxiety attack not a heart attack. It's funny now. Really, it is.

Once I realized that I wasn't dying, I went to knitting group at Korner Knitters for the first time in many months, and it did my heart good. Knitting with friends (live and online) IS the best medicine.

Hugs and kisses :)

1 comment:

Loriticajane said...

Ack!! I live right down the road from them! ~snaps fingers~ Darn it.

I am glad everything came out okay. Take care of you. =)