Saturday, March 17, 2007

Memory Lane

While Mr. S was hard at work moving snow around today, I was hard at work moving stuff out of The Cubby!

I had decided not to tackle this new can of worms until after the Getaway, but woke up this morning determined to just get it over with so I could figure out what I could store in the space. As I suspected, it was full of things that I had already decided that I didn't want, but had thrown in there to avoid dealing with (a bad habit that I am determined to break). You would not believe the boxes of paperwork I found stuffed in there! But, in between 10 years worth of credit card statements, cancelled checks, old receipts, and cast-offs, I found a few oldies but goodies.

Hello old friends!

Remember this?

I was lucky enough to also have an original View-master and spent many a snow day at my Nana's looking at pictures of exotic lands.

Now how could I get rid of these? I love the illustrations. Some of them are the storybook kind: "Beeeeep. Turn the page"

I found some one hit wonders... (he was so cute!)

and a One Skein Wonder. This little ditty truly was a one hit wonder for me. I made it one day while home sick with a cold. I wore it once, around the house, and felt like I was wearing a giant underarm diaper.

Tempting never really tempted me. I'm sure it would have tempted some, had I worn it, because of the "Hey Look at My Big Boobs" effect.

The big cleanup is nearly complete. My one day project turned into a one week project, but I'm really pleased with the results. Stay tuned for the before and after photos coming soon....

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Lisa said...

Good for you on the cleaning! I always wondered about that one-skein wonder pattern....not sure the underarm diaper thing is appealing anymore lol. I didn't knit tempting for the very same reason, I don't need any help in that area either. I always thought the neck looked weird on some people too. Rip those things and make them into something you love!