Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bad Knitting Karma

I have given myself some bad knitting karma (def: a series of unfortunate knitting events caused by having too many projects going at once). Case in point:

No, that isn't spaghetti, it's the number of rows I have to frog on the front of Sunburst back to the stupid mistake I made. I am supposed to have 144 stitches and I have 146. Trust me, I counted them many times. In what I can only describe as overconfidence in my ability to follow instructions and count stitches after an increase round, or at the very least repeat "increase every other stitch" over an entire round, I apparently increased two times too many in a row resulting in the extra stitches. First Soleil, then running out of yarn for Tilia, then the glitter incident, now this. Now I'm not superstitious, but this is not the first time I have had too many (ie: more than 2) projects going at once and noticed that things aren't going so smoothly. The cure? I must finish up something or I must give something away. Don't ask me why, but this always seems to work. Since this all started with Soleil, I think that's where I went wrong. Then I need to finish Tilia - it only needs to be blocked and seamed before finishing the neckline. Since that involves buying another skein of yarn, I'll finish Soleil first {sigh}. I guess it wasn't enough that I gave all that yarn away...

I have finally recovered feeling in the right side of my face and mouth after getting a filling (in my wisdom tooth of all things), and I will save you the ghastly details. But, you know how dentists, like gynecologists, have figured out that patients have nothing to look at during the procedure other than the ceiling and mask covered faces and torture devices while laying on their backs in a vulnerable position and have taken to putting things on the ceiling? Often it's a picture of a cute baby animal, but my dentist has posters with inspirational quotes. In honor of my newly repaired wisdom tooth (which had better last me a good long time) and the wisdom to learn from my own mistakes, I leave you with this little ditty spotted on the ceiling today:

Do it now. From the moment you begin you are successful.

PS - Happy Real Birthday Lori! Now minimize the screen before someone reads this!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to me! Thanks again for the wonderful gifts that can be used together. What is better than beer and yarn? More beer and more yarn!!