Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy little bee

This is what a late afternoon iced-latte will get you:

  1. Clean dishes
  2. A swept floor
  3. One clean cat box (Chloe is very grateful)
  4. 4 loads of laundry
  5. An updated blog - yes! I added links (see Wormholes) and a gallery! Check it out! (The gallery is still a work in progress. It takes a long time to upload that many pictures and I am still having issues with Blogger. Grrrr) BTW: when you create a new blog for yourself, be sure to check the spelling of the URL that you want to use before you actually commit to it. I misspelled my own blog name when I created the gallery and couldn't figure out why the link didn't work! >dingbat<
  6. World peace

OK, so I didn't actually create world peace, but I did spend a fair amount of time thinking about it. My friend Charlie is doing a project "Peace is the Word", see his call to action here, and has requested images on the word "peace". Since I need to have a solid idea before I make an image, I've been contemplating what peace means to me and how to represent it in two-dimensional black and white. Here's what I've come up with so far. (I'm really into lists and bullets tonight).

  1. Peace is a desired state of being. We all want to have peaceful lives. Well, I think most of us do. It takes a lot of work to create and maintain this over time: learning to let go of petty emotions and old resentments, respecting people who have different views, avoiding conflict, figuring out which battles are worth fighting, choosing priorities, yada yada yada.
  2. Even though peacefulness is ideal, once you get more than two people together (like in an office or a country), if everyone in the group isn't committed to it (individually or collectively), it's hard to make it happen. There will almost always be a bully or someone who just wants to stir things up. How everyone else deals with that person (or country) depends on how much power they have and whether or not they actually use it or even know that they posess it.
  3. Even in the natural world there are conflicts and wars (I'm thinking of ants in particular), so is it even possible to have peace among humans?
  4. If "unpeacefullness" (OK, let's just call it violence for my purposes) is the norm, then wouldn't it be cool if peace could act like a virus that infects people and neutralizes the violence? Hmm. Sort of like the theme of that movie (which I didn't like - the movie that is, not the theme) Pay it Forward. If each person commited to having peace in their own life, theoretically at least, it would spread to other's around them. OK, this is a bit Pollyana of me, but I am an idealist.
  5. Peace has to start on an individual level.

So that's what I've come up with. Now to create an image to express this idea....

Oh yeah, in response to my bad knitting karma, I frogged the entire front of Sunburst, fixed the mistake in Soleil and am working on finishing it. Just in case you think I am a total nutcase, I did that last night, not today.

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