Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lessons to be learned

I must have lost my mind today. I know I had it in the morning when I left the house. I had it when I bought a large iced mocha, and I had it when I went to the first yarn shop to buy one last skein of Silky Wool to finish Tilia, but then I must have lost it somewhere after that. It's time for intervention folks! I am having blackouts! Because how else to explain how it is that I bought 11 skeins of pea soup colored yarn with acrylic in it?? This yarn shop was selling pure cashmere for 50% off and I bought this? The worst part is that I left (empty handed) and drove home - 12 miles - to look up the yardage I needed to make Aimee and drove back and never even got the yarn for Aimee! I must have had some sense, because I did manage to score 9 skeins of Paint Box for Klaralund. I also picked size 1 and 2 double points for socks and 24" size 10 circulars. I am otherwise more than a little disgusted with myself. Let this be a warning to you! Do not go shopping for anything when you are nearly dizzy from lack of food and high on caffeine; especially not to a store with a 50% off sale!

After beating myself up over the yarn gluttony, I finished Soleil and hated every single minute of it. Not only did I have to weave in way too many ends, I had to crochet the armholes and neck. The horror! To top it all off, the stupid thing is baggy on me. I already made this sweater once before in a different yarn and it was fine; in fact I loved it and that's why I made it again! As a consolation prize, I went out and bought a pint of Indian Pudding ice-cream and ate the whole thing!

After I had changed into some comfy elastic waist pants and finished beating myself up over it all, I finally realized why I have been having such a hard time with my knitting of late. It's not bad karma. I've just been pushing myself so hard to finish all the projects that I planned out in the spring that I haven't been enjoying it! I need to quit doing that. I already have all my fall and winter projects lined up, each one in it's own 2 gallon ziploc bag. Granted, I do love each project and look forward to doing them, but this is supposed to be fun, not work. No one is paying me to knit. There are no deadlines and there are no knitting police. So, I'm going to go upstairs to my sewing room and pick out something that I feel like doing, not something that I should be doing. Who knows what will happen. Maybe I'll make a hat!

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