Friday, August 18, 2006

Perfect moment

I spent part of my lunch today sitting in one of the small parks near my office listening to a little jazz band and knitting on a bench that was partly in the shade. There were lots of people around, doing their thing: tourists, other office people at lunch, mothers with little kids, and young slackers with their funky hair and clothes and pets. There was this dry peppery smell that I recognized but couldn't place until I saw the yellow leaves that had already fallen from the trees and were laying around the bench. It struck me suddenly that summer is almost over. The light is less bright and even though it's still warm, the air smells and feels different. I'm actually grateful that I live in a climate where we have seasons (Winter, snow, ice, rain, fog, rain, Spring for like 2 weeks, more rain, Summer for about 6 weeks, Fall and then Winter all over again) and autumn is my favorite.

I have balls to wind so I can work on Sunburst while I visit with my mother for the weekend, so no posts for a few days.

Have a great weekend and enjoy whatever you do. Ta ta!

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