Sunday, August 13, 2006

New kid on the blog?

This is going to be way more complicated than I thought. Already I see that I need to learn how to design my own template (little miss fussy pants has to have everything "just so"). Oh well. Here I am. So far I have lost 2 hours of knitting time, trying to set up a blog so I can talk about knitting. The irony of it all!

This is Gypsy Mesh from Interweave Spring 2004 knit in TLC Cotton Plus (a surprisingly nice inexpensive little yarn) finished last Sunday. For some reason I lost interest after knitting the back and had to slug through the rest, but it was worth it and I love the sweater. I don't think I made any modifications to the pattern except maybe to shorten the body.

Currently on the needles (and being neglected) is "Tilia" from Elsebeth Lavold's "Enchanted Garden Collection" which I scored (together with all the yarn in the natural beige color) at a yarn shop close-out sale last month [It was a Yarn Ho's fantasy - all yarn, books, and notions were 50% off. I nearly hyperventilated]. I'd never knit with the Silky Wool before and I am loving it! Sort of like Rowan Summer Tweed but less squeaky and mean. Right now I am on the second sleeve (the home stretch!!) and doing the "please-don't-run-out-of-yarn" prayer. There's also the usual peccadilloes: Will the sleeves be too long? Will it fit? Will I look like an 80's throwback? You see, unlike the little nymph in the photo, I am have hips and some girls to accommodate.....

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Charlie said...

"Little Miss Fussy Pants" I think this is fantastic! Welcome to the world where time gets sucked into space and the next time you look up from your computer screen you will be 60! I don't know a heck of a lot about knitting, and every sweater I own I manage to destroy somehow, but I think your stuff is beautiful (more pictures, please!) and I'm sure you will have so much to add to the knitting communities! Plus your incredible sense of humor mixed with irony and just enough cynisim has not changed since the mid-80s! Knit on you Yarn Ho!