Thursday, August 24, 2006


All talk and no photos makes Tarilyn a dull read.

Sorry for another unillustrated post, but I've been a little busy somewhere else tonight (cheeky monkey!).

Not much knitting going on. I am nearly finished with the back of Soleil. Tim is away for a few days, so I stocked up on beer (Geary's Hampshire Special Ale, it's all they had that was decent), Diet Coke and Hunan Pork, extra HOT, from my favorite take out. Just the bare necessities, thank you.

Here's something that might get your heart a pumpin': another somewhat local yarn shop is closing it's doors and is having a 50% off sale on all inventory. Oh. My. God. I am already thinking about the least amount of money I need to get through the next 6 days before payday and still buy yarn. If that weren't enough, I got a postcard in the mail yesterday from Hubs Mills in Lowell advertising a Labor Day sale: 20% off all yarn, bags and sweaters. This is torture! What's a yarn ho (no, make that yarn slut, I don't even need to get paid for it) to do? Is there any wonder that I haven't had my hair colored in like 5 months and have 3 inch roots? [Before you start thinking that knitting is dead in Maine, you should know that this shop (much like the other one not too far away) opened it's doors in the past year or so within a 15 minute drive from Korner Knitters in Standish, a well-established yarn shop (my personal favorite) with a loyal customer base, terrific prices and great inventory.] Notice that I haven't told you where this closeout sale is?? I admit it. I am a greedy Golem.

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Darrin said...

Hi Taralyn,

You a greedy Golum? Never! You have enough energy to power New York city for a year. Nan & I are very envious. We do think however that Cleo needs a sweater. Keep up the great energy. Take care.

Darrin & Nan