Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tops and bottoms

First, I present Tilia. Done done done. This sweater is such a disappointment to me. You see, the top half of it wants to be roomy like a sweatshirt (a really comfy one), and the bottom wants to be a dressy fitted garment. I wore it all day, and the two halves were at war with each other the whole time. I kept tugging and fussing with the hem which crept up with every movement creating a blousy/frumpy/poochy look. I loved the way it looked on the waif model in the cover shot of the book: straight up and down and casual looking - the way I would like to look in this sweater. I thought it would be a good beater (as in something to wear everywhere). Instead I got LL Bean meets Dynasty. Poo! The sad thing is that I think shoulder pads would actually help (no, don't worry, I won't do that). While this isn't going to the frog pond, it won't be a favorite. Maybe if I stretch the hem out enough, I can make it a sweatshirt.
Here's what really gets to me, though: I have no one but myself to blame for this mishap. You see, there were warning signs right from the beginning: The ribbing and lace section seemed impossibly small (I stretched it out and said, "it will block to the right size"); the body, after ribbing/lace, seemed disproportionately large ("It will block out"); and the sleeves were looking a wee bit alien in length (OK, I did try to rectify this one, omitting the last increase round and had to modify sleeve cap to accommodate). Bottom line: The writing was on the wall from day one. Why didn't I listen to my inner voice? Blocking cannot fix everything! Repeat after me: "knitting is fun! knitting is relaxing! I love knitting!". See the Gallery for more thoughts.

I have taken to carrying the baby cable socks around with me for mindless knitting. This evening (after my photo shoot - thank you Lori) I had over an hour to kill before my Pilates class. Here's proof that you can knit in the car (no, I wasn't driving) and that a bored knitter with a self timer is a recipe for total geekiness. I won't even tell you how many ways I tried to photograph myself knitting.

I have made some progress on Project Walkway. I took out my favorite boxy sweater and measured it and then tried to sketch out an approximation of what I want to knit with the pea soup yarn (I can't help it, the name stuck). Knitter's math is better than say, algebra, or quilting - all those fractions - but it still stretches the limits of my right brain abilities. I want to knit it from the top down to avoid seams, but I can't seem to figure out the math. I'm thinking bottom up may be the easy answer, but I don't like the whole business of adding the sleeves to the body all at once. Help! Since this isn't a yarn I can just rip out easily, I don't have much room for futzing around.

In the meantime, I am conducting a taste test - but not while knitting. There are a slew of Halloween and Octoberfest ales out there and I decided to sample a few because autumn is my favorite time of year and it only stands to reason that there should be a celebratory brew. Here's my rating system:

1 = will only drink it if there's nothing else available besides the Bud/Coors/Miller trio
2 = will drink it if it's the $2.50/pint happy hour special
3 = may choose it if I'm in the mood for it
4 = will order it no matter what else is available
5 = will buy in cases and stock up while it's still in season.

So far, I have tried Gritty's Halloween Ale and Harpoon Octoberfest. Both rate a 2. What can I say, I like dark and nasty beer and these are a little too mellow for me.

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Aimee said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have the same problem with a sweater I currently have on the needles: 1. waif model in photo, and 2. betting (hoping? praying?) that the blocking will make it come out to the finished measurements as described in the pattern. Knitting is fun! Knitting is relaxing!!!!! REALLY!!!!