Sunday, October 29, 2006

Live in the moment - a meme

I've always been one of those people who is future-oriented. I don't spend much time thinking about the past and have a difficult time living in the moment. As I get older, however, I try to recognize those perfect moments when they happen and appreciate them for what they are. Nonetheless, my mind is constantly looking ahead. Maybe this explains why I am such a yarn hoarder - it gives me something to look forward to. In many ways, this keeps me from succumbing to those "what's the point of it all" thoughts that tend to creep in, especially as the days grow darker and colder.

This gave rise to the meme: one of the characters in a movie that I watched last night asked another what she loved. Instead of listing people and things, she told him of moments she enjoyed. What a refreshing idea! Here's my list of perfect moments. Feel free to join in!

  1. Taking a shower after being really sick for several days.
  2. Having animated conversation with friends or family over wine and a sumptuous meal, especially in a small and dimly lit restaurant.
  3. Watching a lightening storm, especially on a hot summer's night.
  4. Driving down a road after a snowstorm and seeing the tree branches heavy with snow.
  5. Falling asleep in the car (only as a passenger!).
  6. The first day in Spring when I can leave the house without a jacket.
  7. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning (my Nana's house always smelled like that).
  8. Eating a giant breakfast after partying the night before.
  9. Sitting on the couch, knitting, with Chloe resting against my leg, listening to Prairie Home Companion
  10. Seeing the holiday lights decorating Downtown Portland (I'll take pics when they are lit - it's so beautiful).
  11. Ice-skating at night under a full moon on ice as smooth as glass.
  12. Smelling an orange after pulling off that little cap thing.
  13. Falling asleep on the porch while reading a book (in the summer).
  14. Any amazing sunset, but especially the ones with red skies.
  15. Taking off down the runway in a plane
  16. The view of Washington, D.C., flying into to (Reagan) National Airport - it always takes my breath away.
  17. The smell of towels and sheets dried on a clothesline.
  18. Sleeping tangled up with Mr. Strange on a chilly morning.
  19. Christmas shopping downtown, early in the season when it's not too cold and no one is frantic yet.
  20. The salty smell of the ocean, preferably from a boat.
  21. The sound of a train from inside the house.
  22. The muffled silence that comes with a thick fog or heavy snow.
  23. The sound of a trickling brook or stream.
  24. The smell of a new box of Crayola Crayons.
  25. Visiting a new city for the first time.

It's amazing how many I could think of! I decided to stop at 25.

There is one other thing's so obvious, maybe too obvious. Knitting! Especially when it goes quickly and looks good! Here's today's progress on Coral Crossing:

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Lori said...

OH MY GOD! your almost done, it looks great! Stop knitting and get to work. I'm lonely without you.