Thursday, October 12, 2006


I've been trying to finish my so-called secret project but have hit the part of the pattern where I have to divide the front and bind off neck stitches and it says "at the same time...". It's challenging enough to follow one set of decreases in fair isle, but two? GAK! It might as well say "Tap dance in five inch spike heels while carrying two margaritas and sing Yankee Doodle backwards, in Spanish". Can you say future frogging? Yeah, and I've been hitting the pale ales tonight. Time. To. Stop.

As a little diversion, have you seen the new Chic Knit's pattern Ariann?
This is so appealing right now. There's even a KAL. I love it in this color. You would think that I'd have stash to knit this, but nothing jumps out at me. Hmmm, my favorite LYS is having a sale for the entire month of October and tomorrow is payday.....Who am I kidding? I need to finish Ivy, not to mention all those future projects in the line up {sigh}.

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