Friday, October 20, 2006

Treats and Sweets

Today was one of those crazy days at work when I ran full stop from the moment I woke up. You may be familiar with the kind: work through lunch and go go go until your brain is mush and all you want to do is go home and take off your shoes and bra and pop the top on a cool drink of something yummy. Imagine my surprise when I walked in the door and found.....

A box of fun from my Secret Pal!! I had to take a picture before I opened my gifties. Look how nicely everything is packaged! What festive colors! What fun wrap! I squealed with delight as I opened each one:

I was blessed with so many treats: cozy yarn in warm fall colors, a beer mug magnet (does this gal know me or what?), a jack-o-lantern candle holder with tea lights to match and, oh, my heart be still, a bar of beauteous maximus dark chocolate!! I held off on the chocolate for about an hour....It actually says on the wrapper: "Like most indulgent greats, Cacao Reserve by Hersheys should be enjoyed in moderation". HA HA! Is that the funniest? It reminds me of the warning on the side of beer bottles only it doesn't say "according to the Surgeon General, women should not eat chocolate because of the associated risk of pimples and cellulite".

Secret Pal, thank you so much! You really made my day and Chloe's too. She got all jazzed up by the commotion, so I let her share in my bounty. OK, so maybe the fact that's she's on drugs helps.

I'm off to finish weaving in many many ends, hoping to be able to seam my Fair Isle Pullover together tomorrow. What's that you ask? Fair Isle Pullover? It's my "Mystery Sweater", a mystery no more!

The yarn is Jo Sharp DK Wool substituted for Blue Sky Alpacas Alpacas, and the pattern is from Vogue Knitting Winter 2004/05. I mostly chose colors that were close to the pattern, but substituted a few: Ebony (black) for the body instead of Burgundy, Brocade (deep burgundy) for Grey and Orient (light blue) for Beige. Unfortunately I seemed to have tossed the labels for the other colors I used, but based on my spotty memory, reinforced by sample cards I have seen online, I believe they are Lilium (lime green), Nasturtium (paprika), Porcelain (cream)and Tapestry (sage green). I'm crossing my fingers that when this is done, I will actually want to wear it. Already I am thinking: what can I start knitting next??


Charlie said...

Oh Tari...I'm so worried about you. I think you have a terrible addiction. Here in Spain they have a group you can go to, perhaps they have a chapter in Maine: Alpacas Anonymous. There are some books I woulld like to recommend to you as well: Women Who Love Purling Too Much, 90 Socks One Stitch At A Time, and my personal favorite by Shirley McLaine (you might have seen the made for TV movie) I'm Frogging As Fast As I Can. The more terrible thing than your "addiction" is that I am an enabler. I know I should help you curb these evil desires of increasing and looping and ribbing but all I can say is...KNIT ON! Knit on like there is no tomorrow!

PS - my feet are anxiously waiting with anticipation! He! He! He!

Anonymous said...

I must say, the sweater looks better than the picture on the actual pattern!! I wish I had your energy and skill. I agree with Charlie, KNIT ON!