Monday, October 09, 2006

Jumpin for Joy

Time sure does fly when you are FINISHING things!!!

The felted pumpkin finally dried and is all done. Yahoolio. It's not perfect, but I think it's cute. In fact, it's so cute that I have to keep it. I was going to give it to my quilt group as a door prize for the Area One meeting coming up soon (October 18th). But I have so much sweat equity in it that I just can't give it up.

So.... I decided to make something else instead. A wall hanging. Unfortunately, I love this too (It's already hanging on my wall).

Mr. Strange watches me go though this often. He thinks I should just make something ugly, but I can't do that, especially for this meeting. At the very first Fall Area meeting I went to 7 years ago, I won the cutest little witch that someone made (I'd show you, but I'm having photo issues tonight), so I want to do the same for someone else. So, today I started a quilted tote bag, knowing that I wouldn't use it (not my style) but I goofed and it came out too tall. I haven't put in the lining yet, so I can still make it right by cutting off the top row or two of blocks. Serves me right for being so selfish. Ha Ha.

Oh, yeah, did I forget to say that I finished Olive !!! Yes! She is done! I am so in love with this sweater!! Can you tell? I am literally jumping for joy here. If you recall, this was a serious case of yarn whoring gone bad (read post here), but I recovered and decided to challenge myself and design a sweater to go with the yarn - if you remember, this used to be called "Project Walkway" before I re-named it Olive. I am not only amazed that it came out exactly how I planned, but that I absolutely "luckin' fove" it (a Mr. Strangeism). It seems that with almost every sweater I make, there's that one little thing I would have done differently. Not this time. It's so comfy and warm and golly gee, I'm pleased with myself. The funny thing is that I knit it to be worn with the knit side facing, and then changed my mind when I was done. The ends are all woven in on the purl side, but they don't show because of all the texture. I'll be posting the details in the gallery soon.

Now that I'm done with Olive, I can devote more time to my "mystery sweater". I just started armhole decreases for the front. I could have done more, but "Heroes" is not a good tv program to knit by - I want to watch it!! My goal is to wear it to the Area One meeting next Wednesday. I think it's do-able. In the meantime, I'm working on finishing up those garter rib socks so I can start a new pair for Socktoberfest!!

Many thanks to Liz and everyone else who has been sending hugs and kind wishes to Chloe and me. It's been a good long weekend here Chez Chloe. She had a great time lying around on my pattern.... (actually, it's just a piece of paper that I'm not using, but it makes her incredibly happy for some reason). She's been acting so damn healthy that I started to question her diagnosis (ohhh that's a topic for another day), but then she had a coughing fit late this afternoon that seems to have tired her out for the day. On the plus side, she is very interested in food and is eating like a little piggy and is cleaning herself. All signs that she feels OK right now. Another day. Another gift.
Look at those little toes...Aren't they the cutest thing??

PS - Hi! to my Secret Pal!


Shelby said...

That wall hanging is gorgeous. If you ever feel like making another one similar to that, let me know...I'd happily buy it from you. :)

Liz said...

Hello Tarilyn,

Little Chloe is absolutely adorable. I am so happy that she is doing well. She is a little sweetheart.

That was so funny about the yarn whoring story, but I love your sweater, Olive. *smile* It came out wonderful.

You are so talented. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful creations.