Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simple Gifts

A while back, I joined the New England Knits web ring and am finally in (!!!) so if you click on those arrows next to it (under "Community" in the side bar), it will jump you to another blog in the ring like a teleporter. Beam me sideways, Scotty. Very cool. I think I'm still in queue for the Knitting Bloggers web ring - I sent in my application the day it opened, so I think I made it in time before Julie had to close it again. Unbelievable how many of us are out there. Kind of makes me wonder what I could possibly add to the mix!

In other blog social news, I joined Secret Pal 9 a while back and got my pal's name today! When I described how Secret Pal worked to my friend Charlie, he said that it sounded like "Stalker Secret Santa". LOL! I am working on my own questionnaire to post for the person who has my name, so if you are reading this now, I will be posting it tomorrow.

All this social activity reminds me that I really need to spiff up the place. I need to add buttons - there are so many for SP9 that I can't choose!! - and a blog roll, although it's been days since I read any that I feel like it's going to take forever to catch up.

I am so close to finishing Olive!! I have finished the sleeves and am working on the cowl neck. Woo Hoo! The nice thing about knitting top down is that I can try it on to check my progress. So far (fingers crossed) it's coming out exactly as I imagined it! The only snag (heh heh, bad joke coming) is that I put my stitches on hold with scraps of Lamb's Pride Worsted. Hello!! The Petite Boucle I am knitting with is mostly mohair and the Lamb's Pride has mohair too! Try to imagine teasing all those stitches apart. Scissors and beer were involved, but no harm done. I also learned that I do not like knitting sleeves on two circulars. I'd much rather handle 5 short needles than 2 long ones. It makes me wonder if I really want to try socks on two needles.

In the meantime, the felted pumpkin is still wet. More like waterlogged. I have it in the basement on a strainer next to the dehumidifier. 5 days and counting. I'm sure it's because of all those plastic bags inside, but the directions said to let it totally dry first. So far it looks sort of lumpy and lopsided, like the pumpkin nobody buys because it's not perfect. Oh well, I'll just turn it so the "good" side faces out! Maybe it will be dry by Halloween....

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I participated in "Quilt Pink Day" and made 2 blocks for my local chapter. Well, I also won this cute little Longaberger Basket! Mine came without the tag, but it does have a pretty pink printed fabric liner with a drawstring. I love it!

Sorry about the last bummer post. I'll try not to make this my sob story blog. Now that reality has settled in, we are counting each day with our little gal as a gift. It's interesting that the only difference between last week and today is awareness. 'Nuff said for now.

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