Friday, October 27, 2006

Mean yarn

There's just nothing in the world like wearing something you knit and actually liking it! I present Gesta, finished! This was one of those instant gratification projects that really paid off: 3 days to make, start to finish. I blocked it before seaming, and I don't know I really needed to. I could have just let the ribbing do all the work for me. Maybe I'll "unblock" it before the next wearing. Is that possible? I'm thinking I could just wet it and allow to dry flat...I confess to being very wary of washing my handknits, and no, they don't stink. I haven't let all that success go to my head (remember the too big not-so-titillating tam?). As soon as I finished this vest, I started right in on Veste Everest. I have a little bit of wisdom to impart: ignore everything they tell you about types of yarn. Gauge, wpi, ply, content, fiber are all meaningless. It all comes down to two types of yarn: nice yarn and mean yarn. The Harrisville Highland is as mean as they come. What you see here are 10 rows of arthritis inducing stitches. Sure, it looks good and I am getting gauge, but it is torture. After knitting this, even my elbows hurt. Even if I did force myself to forge ahead, it feels like a carpet. Take a good look at it because this is going to the frog pond. Fortunately I saved my receipt and can return the other 2 skeins. In the meantime, I had to start something new.....
At least it's something from stash - in the sense that I bought the yarn for the project I am using it for. Here we have a very nice yarn. What a dream. It's Peru DK, a Merino, "Alpaka" (??) and Silk, purchased for a song at A.C. Moore. The ply is very similar to Aurora 8. Lovely, bouncy and soft. Ahhhh. On it's way to becoming Cable Crossing from Interweave Knits, Fall 2006.I am, of course, making it without the pockets (what they heck was she thinking??). I'm knitting the smallest size, thinking that if ever I wanted negative ease, this would be the time.
Too bad I have to go back to the yarn store, it's going to be such an awful rainy day tomorrow. Poor me.
Heh heh heh.....

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