Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bloggy rainy day

From my lack of posts you may be thinking that I've been lounging around knitting and weeping over my hair. But No! I have been doing neither! I have been tinkering with my blog for hours. If you are new to this site, you wont know what I've done, but I added a graphic banner (hours I tell, you it took hours!), added new stuff to my side bar and rearranged it, added a footer, and even took steps to join the New England Knits web ring. I'm still "in queue" as they say, but I put the link up. I'm finally starting to feel like the place looks like it's mine!

I found this great site if you are interested in creating stuff for your blog or website: Cool Archive Logo Generator (ignore the fart button thing). Because there is a 500 pixel width limit, I couldn't quite figure out how to make a completely new banner, but it was a lot of fun and it would be great to create buttons for the sidebar. If you try their programs, be aware that there is no "undo" option; use your Back button if you don't like how something came out. I also discovered that I can save images in my Kodak program as thumbnails! Hmm. I can see lots of possibilities!!

In other non-knitting news, I found a new definition of hell: "Clothes shopping in Freeport the Saturday before Labor Day". Holy cow! The parking! The crowds! It was unbelievable! I went there to get a birthday gift for someone and of course had to do a little shopping for myself... to go with the new hair... you know....

OK, so new yoga pants didn't do a thing for the hair. I'm not terribly impressed with the new fall fashions so far. The 80's are everywhere. Gak! Skinny leg jeans? Leggings with mini-skirts? Over-sized Flashdance tops with big wide belts? I'm barely 5'1" so this stuff looks ridiculous on me. My only concession was this cropped corduroy jacket (it's more brown than it looks in the photo). I do feel kind of hip in it, given that I now look like Meg Ryan before botox.

Maybe tomorrow I'll knit!

In case you need something else to entertain you, check this out! (trust me, it's fun and cool)

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