Thursday, September 28, 2006

Knitting DRAMA!

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for the past hour to add my blog to YouTube so that I can make it easy for you to watch "The Last Knit". You simply must check this out. Edge of your seat, nail-biting, knitting drama!

For those interested in your garden-variety daily drama, I have had a total airhead day. I was running late to work (as usual), wondering the entire time if I had turned off the bathroom heater (yes, it's that chilly in the morning). Mr. Strange is out of town visiting his mum, so I had to come home for lunch to check. Yes, I turned it off - phew! I take an hour lunch every day. Before leaving to come home, I looked at my car clock and saw that it was 12:50 pm. 'OK', I thought, 'I have to be back by 1:50'. So what did I do? I left the house at 1:48, thinking that I had to be back at 2:00. Helloooo!? It's a 12 minute drive from my house! I made it back at 2:05 (don't get me started on traffic). Several hours later, as I was walking back to the parking garage after Pilates class, I remembered that I parked on the street, instead of in the parking garage paid for by my employer (why????). Yes, I got a ticket. It's in my glove box where it will stay until I throw it away. Our benevolent City gives us one freebie every 6 months. When I finally arrived home without incident, I started cooking dinner only to realize that I had left the front burner of the stove on low since the night before! I heard on the local news teaser that there was an earthquake in Maine today. Maybe that's it. Maybe I am super sensitive like animals and sensed the tectonic imbalance; maybe I was just a dingbat today. Either way, at least I managed to finish the cable section of the back of Ivy (again). More on that later.

BTW: I happened to see a wooly bear caterpillar tonight while taking out the trash. It was almost totally orange with only narrow bands of black at either end. According to farmer's wisdom, the proportion of orange to black stripes can be used to predict the weather of the coming winter. More orange than black = severe weather. I think it means I need to buy more wool.

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Charlie said...

We all need those "airhead" days to keep everything in perspective! I say...good job!