Monday, September 11, 2006

Ham in Olive with cheese (and beer)

On the sidelines, I have quietly been plugging away at Olive (f/k/a Project Walkway) with fingers crossed. Tonight, about 6 rows shy of the final row before putting the sleeves on hold, I decided that it might be a good idea to count stitches. Good thing! I was off a few here and there, and closer to the magic number than I thought! Was it bad math? No matter. The proof is in the pudding.
Voodoo or not, it fits! Since this was the most crucial part, I figure it's smooth sailing long as I don't run out of yarn! I don't know why, but this color is so hard to photograph. No matter what light I'm in, it always looks like something you'd fish out of the drain. It's really not that ugly. Really. I must admit, though, that the texture makes me think of muppets...

Here's the ham and cheese... (but not a good representation of the new hair).

Since beer goes good with all of the above, I just happened to pick up some "Gritty's Black Fly Stout" (funny how the grocery store knows that I can't buy popcorn without beer!). Since I have given up on the autumn ale taste test, I am instead turning my attention to porters and stouts. Now, to warn you, I'm fussy about these dark brews. Here's my criteria for a good one (you may disagree):

  • Must be dark as night with no possibility that light will shine through.
  • Must have a full bodied rich chocolate/roasted coffee flavor and aroma.
  • Must have a creamy head without too much carbonation.

Based on this criteria, Gritty's version is a little too thin for my taste. It has a good head, but too much and more fizzy than creamy; it must definitely be poured to be enjoyed. The color is just right - I can hold it right up to the light and it's black as tar. The flavor isn't strong enough, though, and it smells a little sharp and sour. It was worth a try. Good thing I bought a bottle of "Stonecoast 420 IPA" as a back up!

Guess I won't be knitting any more tonight!

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