Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gotta get me some of that

Lots of things to ramble about, but not much knitting going on. Well, not much that is worth showing at this stage. I mean how many times do you need to see my garter rib socks before I actually finish one?

If you really want to know, I managed to turn the heel tonight and am quite pleased with myself, thank-you-very-much, because the heel is so perfectly pink and distinct from the flap, and when I picked up the gusset stitches they matched the same color where I left the instep before working the heel. Trust me, it's very cool.

I guess it doesn't take much to get me giddy these days. Speaking of which, here are a few other things I'm worked up about, good and bad:

  1. The new Knitty is up! Finally! I am all over Ivy and have some lusty feelings for the Quechua in Smoldering Ember (stay tuned). I'm mildly interested in some of the other patterns, but Intolerable Cruelty, is well, intolerably cruel to anyone who has a booty. Sing with me now: "Boom chicka boom boom." I'd rather have the pattern for the cute wrap she's wearing! Ordinarily, I don't read all of the other articles, but today was the exception; I love the Frankenbags! I think a trip to the local thrift store might be in order.
  2. The September issue of Mag Knits is also up, but nothing there I want to knit right now. Check it out for yourself.
  3. I recently had a chance to devour a copy of Knit 2 Together at Borders, and it is at the very top of my knitting book wish list. I love everything in this book! There are patterns for knitted pants and a dress that I would actually make! Not to mention that Tracy Ullman has always been a favorite ("Hi, it's Kaaaay", boy do I miss her show). I wonder, however, if she is a knitter or a Knitter. In most of the photos she is playing with yarn, but I don't recall seeing any where she is knitting anything other than simple garter stitch (not that there's anything wrong with that). I'm guessing she is Mel Clark's Oprah. That's OK. Ms. Clark's designs are fresh and fabulous!
  4. Ever a fan of cute skulls (but not pirates - Hollywood ruins everything), I saw this in the newest issue of "Knit1", the only thing in the issue I would consider. Love it! Must have the one with knitting needles!
  5. You know you are old when....you hear a wishy washy version of "In a Big Country" coming from the television and look up to see an add for Kohl's department store. GAK! I have to admit that Iggy Pop's sellout to Carnival Cruise didn't bother me nearly as much. Maybe because it was his version and not some schlocky cover; plus I get a little groove on every time I hear the ad. If I ever hear "Sunday Bloody Sunday" used to promote football I will stick knitting needles in my ears and burn all my U2 CD's. Now, if I were an ad exec, I would use Bongwater's "The Power of Pussy" to sell Tampax. That would be funny!

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