Thursday, September 21, 2006


Having somewhat recovered from my little crisis with Ivy yesterday, I made a major decision: I cannot be on a weekday beer diet, a yarn diet, a no bad carb diet, and a knitting project diet all at once, so I am cheating on one of them. Bet you can't guess which.....(hint: it has something to do with wood and wool). Yes, I am breaking the rules and am officially off the wagon as they say and have cast on for a new project. I'm not ready to share yet, mostly because it is black right now and will be very difficult to photograph until I use the other colors. Yes! There are other colors! Tee hee. I love having a secret!

In other news, my friend Charlie, who is doing the peace project I wrote about a while ago, has created a blog to post the images to so everyone can view and participate! Check it out: peace is the word. There's a wide range of styles, so no need to be shy about sending one of your own!

I've been holding out on telling you about a little gig I have going that I am excited about: tomorrow night I will be judging afghans and knitted items at the Cumberland Fair. One of my quilting friends recommended me to the coordinator. I have no idea what to expect (this is my first time), but I'll give you the inside scoop! I anticipate a wide range of materials, patterns and skill levels, so I will be kind and fair. Fair. Ha!

BTW: I nearly broke something when I saw that Glenna C., designer of Ivy, left a comment on my last post. Holy Sheep! I feel like Sally Field accepting the Oscar "Somebody read my blog!!!". (By somebody, I mean someone other than my friends, who are the best "somebodies" a girl could have)

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Glenna C said...

Aw! But I am nowhere near Sally Field, I promise. I offer yarny hugs and solidarity and believe me when I say I have as much WIP insecurity as the next knitter!

I will have Ivy pompoms for you any time you want them ;)